Commercial Access Control

For high security facilities, GANTNER commercial access control products provide the right solution.

Access Control for one or more doors

  • Central management of access authorizations to cabled and non-cabled doors
  • Simple Plug & Play installation
  • Smart readers may be up to 250m away from the controller.
  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software for security visualization
  • Preconfigured door control processes (air lock, antipass back, access repetition control, lift control)
  • Management of access authorizations for up to 25,000 people per door
  • Control of up to four doors per controller (dependent upon controller)
  • Maximum security: Fail-safe thanks to decentralized door controllers, door control in the secured area, sabotage and tampering monitoring, capability of connecting alarm call points, control of alarm systems
  • Various RFID Technologies


We will consult you about the latest technology and how best to develop your system so it meets your specific needs.


Via the GAT Matrix Software Solution, users can master all access control tasks - administer data carriers, grant and deny access, manage barriers, read bookings, maintain an over view of the property, and much more.  Built up in a modular fashion with open interfaces, GAT Matrix Software Solution encompasses a constantly growing range of software solutions.

GAT Matrix

Control Terminals

With the array of functions provided by GAT Access Control Terminals 3100 ECO, DUO, QUAD, PLUS, and WiNET GANTNER provides universal solutions for every type of access control. Combined with cabled readers, controllers provide different scopes of services and barrier control, allowing for flexibility and tailor-made solutions.

Cabled Readers

GANTNER provides multi-protocol readers with outstanding design for seamless integration into the architecture. Identification cards may be passed to someone else or stolen. Pin code readers provide an additional level of security.

GAT SLR 7300

GAT SR 7310

GAT SLR 7310

GAT SR 7350

Biometric Identification Terminals

GANTNER offers an extra high level of security with its biometric terminals. Bio-metric terminals check fingerprints against a database or card, thus guaranteeing our customers the security they need.

GAT FR 055

Battery powered cylinders and locks

Specially designed for easy retrofitting, GANTNER’s battery powered cylinders and locks enable both the WiFI connected and wire-free control of doors, according to your specifications and needs.


GAT DL 320

GAT DL 350

GAT DL 360