Overview of credentials

All GANTNER credentials contain an NXP-certified, embedded electronic NFC chip that can store information and communicate with NFC devices via radio wave transmission. We will consult with you to create customized NFC credentials that extend your brand and meet your application needs.


Popular in membership-based leisure facilities, NFC silicone wristbands are constructed with flexible, high grade medical silicon for comfortable use. Wristbands are shock, tear, and water resistant and are fully functional in saunas and steam baths. Wristbands come in a standard fifteen colours, four sizes, and can be customized with either laser engraving or silicon print. PAH Safety Certified.

Custom Packaging

Custom wristband packaging makes for a nice, exclusive gift. With packaging, operators can easily send wristbands with the mail or sell wristbands in a vending machine. Custom prints, including directions for how to use the NFC-wristbands, are possible.


With our top quality, NFC cards you experience consistent, reliable operations. Customized cards, carried in a wallet, extend a company’s branding. In leisure facilities, cards are ideal for members and visitors who prefer to carry a card over wearing a wristband. NFC cards are a price optimized solution, suitable for many applications and industries. Optional print customizations include full 2 sided, 4 color, edge-to-edge, offset and silk screen printing.


NFC watchbands are designed to serve as a high-end, exclusive daypass in leisure facilites. To reduce staff demands, the process of selling and collecting watchbands can be automated with Gantner’s vending and return machines.

Key Fob

NFC key fobs are most popular in buildings with pure access control applications. GANTNER offers both plastic, multicolor key fobs, as well as highly durable fobs with a long lasting stainless steel frame and resistant plastic housing.

Enable Other Existing Credentials

GANTNER’s products are built to work with and leverage international standards based technologies. To that end, GANTNER devices are compatible with many 3rd party credentials, including HID technologies (IClass, Mobile, and SEOS), Legic, and ISO. Networked fitness credentials - Preva Token, Technogym Wellness Key, have integration and functionality with GANTNER.