The GAT Lock 6010

GAT Lock 6010 is the ideal solution for customers seeking a cost-effective, battery-operated lock for lockers. By simply pressing a NFC credential to the reader field, GAT Lock 6010 may be securely opened and closed. With a quick glance, users can see via the lock’s button position, if a locker is free or in-use. This entry-level battery lock empowers you to benefit from NFC locking at an affordable price.


  • Easy to Retrofit: Fastening screws are identical to the dimensions of most card or coin locks.
  • Easy to Use: A clear, audible feedback is provided for openings and closings.
  • Protected Battery-Compartment: Only accessible with a GANTNER battery key, the battery compartment is protected within the locker.
  • Clear Status Display: The position of the button shows which lockers are available and which are in-use.