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GANTNER’s Secure Solutions for Hospitals

Security for hospital patients and staff is of utmost importance. Hospitals require that staff and patient belongings are safely locked away. Traditional mechanical keys are often unable to provide the required level of security and functionality. With an advanced NFC electronic locking system from GANTNER, healthcare institutions are guaranteed the highest levels of security, flexibility, and control.

All GANTNER locks can be securely opened and closed by simply presenting a NFC credential (card, wristband, or key tag), which can also serve as a “key” for access control, cashless payment, and staff time recording systems. With an NFC chip, even disposable patient bands can be integrated in the system.

Each lock can be programmed for individual or shared-use lockers, and the validity of a credential is easily managed and changed, thus providing hospitals the flexibility and security they need.

Hospitals choosing to use a NFC electronic locking solution benefit from eliminated challenges of key handling and lost keys, increased security, and reduced maintenance costs.


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