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Increased Club Security and Flexibility

Access control and locking solutions for your health club

Always with an eye towards the future, GANTNER provides innovative solutions that ensure your fitness club is mobile ready. With cutting edge technology, members enjoy a more convenient and secure visit to the club, while you see a quick return on investment thanks to reduced operating costs and increased secondary income. GANTNER combined with 3rd party club management software creates a fully integrated system solution to beef up your bottom line.

Contactless readers at reception Cashless payments cut down on queues

Is membership sharing a challenge for your health club?

The first step in creating a safer, more secure club environment should be to control who gains access to your facility.

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    5 questions you should be able to answer with `yes`

    Whether you are running a large chain of health clubs or a boutique studio, a high end fitness facility or a budget club model, be sure that you can answer the following questions with a ‘yes’.

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      Have your own support in your country available.

      GANTNER is working together with more than 200 partners around the globe.

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        Modular system

        We offers solutions across all applications with demonstrated experience. Our solutions fit out in respect to project application, size and complexity and make a step by step integration of the system possible.

        • Easy retrofitting and expanding the system step by step
        • Open for networked solutions
        • Client specific developments
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        Improve check-in procedures with turnstiles or gates

        Many clubs struggle to enforce check-in procedures.

        • Quick check-in procedures and self-check in
        • Eliminated un-checked entries and membership sharing
        • Check in is required to use a GANTNER secured locker (No check in => no locker)
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        Flexible locker security for health clubs

        Eliminating the problems of jammed locks, members losing their keys or coins, or leaving their gym kit locked up for days, GANTNER’s electronic locking systems for lockers give operators complete control over their changing rooms while offering ease of use for customers.

        • Hassle free and easy credential replacement
        • Know which lockers are in use and control locker usage from your front desk
        • Cost savings through reduced maintenance costs
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        More service, more turnover with cashless payments

        When members upload cash onto their SMART membership card, they can easily spend this money in your entire club.

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          Global player - market leader

          For more than 35 years, GANTNER has been the market and technology leader in contactless RFID access control, electronic locking and cashless payment applications for the global leisure industry.

          • Open for 3rd party software.
          • Global partner network.
          • More than 35 years experience in the market with international clubs.
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          clubs installed all over the world.


          partners connected with GANTNER.


          More than 35 yeras experience in the market.

          Secure access and storage for fitness clubs

          RFID access cards are changing the member experience

          From access control to changing room smart lockers, GANTNER’s RFID contactless technology can be integrated into all areas of your health and fitness club – whether a full service club, high end club boutique studio or budget club.

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