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Maximise your facility & room bookings

  • Take bookings online, over email or phone; our solution handles it all
  • Possibility to link bookings with task planning, visitor display & access control
  • Increase booking accuracy with online booking, payment, confirmation & cancellation

Bookings made easy and smart


Cut down the booking hassles

Make it simple for your customers to make reservations: show real-time availability, provide accurate price quote, allow renting facilities, handle cancellations and more.

Extensive pricing structure

Easily set variable pricing for bookings based on peak and slack hours, type of the customer, activity and more. Dynamically price facility items and cancellation charges.

Link task planning with bookings

Whether the bookings require allocating a coach, tour guide or cleaning staff, easily allocate staff for the bookings. With our task planning app, your staff can consult and track and get notified of a new task on their mobile.

Smart building system linked to bookings

Automatically control heating, lighting, ventilation and access according to the occupancy of the room. Since all technical functions are automatically controlled, you can have staff savings and efficiently optimise usage.

Everything you need in a ticketing solution

Easy to book

Consult activities & book using calendar view. Possible to rent items & cancel bookings online.

Facility management

Integrated calculation for rental items. Possibility to manage advances & settle warranties for facilities.

Reduce admin time

Automating the admin tasks around bookings, lets you focus on serving your customers the best way.


Works seamlessly to validate visits for visitor info display & access control at the premises.

Dynamic reports

Generate reports across a wide range of data to know trends in facility use, payment type & more.

Reliable service & support

We help you set things up & have them working. You also get on-site consultation & 24/7 support.