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Step-up your registrations for enhanced customer experience

  • Flexible to build registration process that meets your needs
  • Speed-up registration by using existing membership or enrolling as a guest participant
  • Possibility to buy products, avail transportation and book location during registration

Registrations that go beyond enrolment


Manage registrations effortlessly

Create custom registration procedure depending upon your enrolment needs. Moreover, it is possible to add products, assign guides and book locations in a clear, user-friendly way. Our system automatically checks for the eligibility and availability of the participant while registration. You can track the entire follow-up of activities, including check-ins, catch-up lessons, cancellations and waiting list.

Enhance customer convenience and experience

Your customers can register at the reception desk, by telephone or email. Moreover, our online registration system allows to filter activities, consult occupancy, register, cancel participation, enrol on the waiting list, and do much more at their convenience. You can link with membership card, multiple payment gateways and access controls to make the entire process of registration to check-in seamless.

Graphic overview of planned activities

The clear visualisation of the activities planned for multiple dates and time-slots helps you to link the tasks of your staff, volunteers and guides to activities. You can also manage participant groups for an activity. This overview facilitates you to manage your activities efficiently.

Your complete registration solution

Smart to adapt

Flexible to the needs of registering for activities with multi-day, multi-location and multi-lessons

Integrates with accounting systems

Stick to the tools that work for you, and let them work with our registration module seamlessly.

Gather important information

Add fields for medical & escort information such as any allergies, child allowed to leave alone, & so on.

Offer extensive standard reports

Avail attendance lists, health care documents, fiscal certificates, registration certificates, and more.

Analytics that makes the difference

Array of reports that surface insights to help you encourage registrations and maximise attendance.

Outstanding support

You don't have to worry if anything goes off track. We're 24/7 available, right when you need us.