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Ticketing system for efficient and fast ticket sale

  • Instantly design events with flexible seating and venue layout
  • Facility for dynamic pricing structure, season passes, raise donations and more
  • Integrates with ticket vending machine, online and mobile ticketing

Design events. Sell tickets. Validate admission.


Quickly create and go live with your event sale

Easily create events with allocated seating or general admission within minutes. Our interactive venue plan designer allows you to create a graphic map of the venue. Integration with event database (Uitdatabank) facilitates you to create events instantly.

Smart pricing of your events

Flexible pricing structure allows you to easily price differently depending upon the type of seats, moment of sale, and more. Your customers can see clear overview with colour code of occupancy and seat-type when booking tickets on the kiosk, web or mobile.

Enhance your ticketing operations

Our modular and expandable system enables ticket sales linked with other seasonal events, products, facility bookings and registration. It also facilitates regulation for cancellation and waiting lists. You can integrate multiple payment options, generate vouchers and more.

Track sales and customer visits in real-time

Know exactly the number of seats sold at any given moment, especially for events that require strict management of visitor flows due to restriction on location or time-slot. Moreover, ticket scan at the event venue allows for automatic visitor recognition, and gives swift access to your visitors.

Reporting capabilities

Simply generate various overviews of revenues, occupancy and customers to measure the success of your event. It also helps you to identify the most selling point of sale for an event. You can customise the reports and download or export them to your needs.

Everything you need in a ticketing solution

Supports multiple ticket types

Allows you to create entry tickets, season passes, car park tickets, group package and much more.

Sell more with tickets

Offer products or facility bookings with ticket purchase as complimentary or at an additional cost.

Detailed ticket sales analysis

Customisable reporting to visualise and compare ticket sale from multiple points of sale.

Low training needed

Simple and intuitive interface facilitates your staff to instantly design events and get started with sales.

Proven ticketing solution

Millions of tickets already sold using our ticketing solution for events as well as general admission.

Great support

Possibility to avail 24/7 online support as well as on-site consultation just when you need it.