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Locker management software

  • Occupancy monitoring & remote control
  • Web interface & automatic opening funcation
  • Networked alarm

Locker management software

Management of the GAT NET.Lock 7000 and GAT SMART.Lock 7000 systems

Our locker management software offers an easy to use solution to help health clubs, parks, offices, universities and other facilities for recreation and commercial use manage their locker inventory. Our management software includes a rich set of user-friendly features for both administrators and locker users.


GAT Relaxx is a powerful software used for the management of the GAT NET.Lock 7000 and GAT SMART.Lock 7001 systems. Features of GAT Relaxx include a networked alarm, occupancy monitoring and remote locker control. As well as these core features, the software provides detailed information on locker usage and the ability to integrate with 3rd party management softwares, such as building access control or locker rental software, to create an innovative and complete system solution.

With a few clicks of a mouse, operators can easily determine how lockers are used. Thanks to multiple lock modes, lockers can be made freely available to all users with a valid ID credential, can be designated as a personal locker, can be rented, and more. With the user-friendly GAT Relaxx Software, configuring a system to include multiple lock modes is simple and straightforward.


The new online interface function helps to reduce personnel and administrative costs while increasing flexibility and convenience. GAT Relaxx software, used to manage the entire installation, displays real-time occupancy, alarm status, locker usage statistics, and the ability to configure lockers for multiple modes – free, personal, and shared.

More about the web interface


In the event of forced entry, an alarm is displayed on the network PC. For maximum security, a customizable alarm message can be sent concurrently via e-mail.


When locker space is at a premium, operators can see in real-time which lockers are in use making it possible to direct people to available lockers.


All actions are logged in the software, making it possible to know who has opened which locker and when. Statistical and locker usage analysis reports empower operators to better understand what is happening in their facility.


Designed to integrate and work effortlessly with third party management softwares for an innovative, complete system solution.


The possibility to define time-specific openings for overnight cleaning or security purposes simplifies operations.


Via the web interface, operators can monitor the occupancy and alarm status, add new users, make locker reservations, and view locker usage reports.

Locker management software to control your RFID keyless lockers

Use our locker management software to manage all your changing room security needs

Our locker management software works seamlessly to control our high security, contactless locking systems. Gain access to real-time data on wardrobe locker usage and remotely manage credentials, chip cards and membership cards for locker access. Locker management and administration has never been so easy.