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Gantner Ticketing, leading ticketing software provider for the attractions and leisure industry

Ticketing solutions for museums, zoos, attraction parks and leisure centres.

Whether you’re running an event for 20 people or 40,000, we will provide you with the tools and the support to manage it. Our comprehensive ticketing system provides a huge variety of styles so you can sell the type of ticket your business needs. We offer complete ticketing systems for cultural heritage, museums, theatres, amusement parks and zoos.

Recreatex - ticketing for the 21st century

Introducing the most flexible ticketing software on the market.

GANTNER’s ReCreateX ticketing software is designed to meet the diverse needs of high traffic locations and events, where usability, tracking and security are paramount. Whether it’s a attraction park, sports centre, zoo, museum, concert or business exhibition, the ReCreateX ticketing solution can support an unlimited number of users, while delivering powerful real-time business data to location and event managers.


Our POS software can be directly linked to a site’s access control system, so that turnstiles or gates enable automatic customer recognition and swift, safe access for visitors.


The modular and expandable system enables ticket sales, facility bookings, group bookings and registrations, with a complete automated system for sales and tracking of customer visits.


Our brandable range of ticketing kiosks can stand alongside POS admissions to ensure greater customer convenience, and enhance the overall experience of their visit.


ReCreateX gives customers complete control over their journey, while reducing entrance queues, freeing up reception staff to perform other tasks, and delivering the detailed data operators need to drive their businesses forward.

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Suitable for use within both small and large-scale projects, and able to support an unlimited number of users at one time


Our mobile ticketing application allows customers to download a barcode to their mobile phone for rapid entry on site. Mobile ticketing also enables operators to increase revenue streams by greatly facilitating purchases at any time and anywhere.


Using an integrated online payment provider, tickets can be paid for in a secure and safe environment and then downloaded for printing at home.


Our self-service kiosks are fully integrated with international card payment systems and can be used for: entry ticket and season ticket sales (including car park tickets and receipts); ticket distribution; membership renewal; issue and redemption of vouchers


The network-based kiosks contain a built-in PC and an intuitive touch screen that allows the system to easily guide customers through the different steps of the sales process.


The ReCreateX platform can be installed as a client/server application or as a hosted solution.


The software includes bespoke modules for POS, retail sales, catering, facility bookings, invoicing, CRM, mailing and much more.


ReCreateX can be integrated with:

  • MS Office, Direct Debit and BACS Applications, and over 100 external CRM, ERP and financial packages
  • Access control (turnstiles, barriers or gates)
  • Technology (building management, camera surveillance etc.)
  • All types of customer membership and loyalty cards
  • Self-service kiosks, point of sale and point of payment terminals
  • Smartphones and scanners

Ticketing software that links to a site's access systems

Our ticketing software is ideal for amusement parks, zoos, museums and events

Our POS ticketing software links directly to our access control system so that turnstiles can enable automatic customer recognition and fast check-in. Ensures maximum security in high traffic locations. ReCreateX can also integrate with memberships cards and ID cards.