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young woman uses GANTNER RFID-card dispenser

Automatic Card Dispenser by GANTNER

Avoid long queues in entrance areas of gyms, pools, or other leisure facilities: Simplify the processes in your fitness club with self-service card dispensers from GANTNER! The automatic dispensing machines allow your members to easily get their membership cards as well as tickets in the form of cards. Save time and staff resources with the help of these self-service card dispensers. Let your facility staff use their time for taking care of the truly important customer issues. Learn how GANTNERs electronic ticket dispenser can be used in your facility for an excellent member experience!

For Membership Cards and More: Electronic Ticket Dispenser

With the automated machine called G7 Card Dispenser by GANTNER, your visitors or customers can easily and quickly receive an electronic card as a credential for access and other services in your facility.

By pre-registering online for your facility – for example by signing a membership contract — your customers will receive a PIN code with the confirmation via e-mail. On their first visit to your gym, sports facility or swimming pool, customers can enter this code at the card dispensing machine and receive their personalized chip card. All settings and authorizations are stored in a club management software.


young woman uses GANTNER RFID-card dispenser

Automated Return of RFID Data Carriers Such as Wristbands & More


Automate not only the access to your attraction facility but also the easy and stress-free departure! Experience the revolution for the return of RFID data carriers like wristbands with the G7 Return. Do you want to avoid queues at the exits of your facility and relieve your staff? Our innovative G7 Return machine allows you to quickly and effortlessly exit the facility without long waits for your guests and without burdensome administrative tasks for your staff.

The G7 Return makes leaving your recreational facility a breeze:

📈 Increased efficiency through automation
🕒 No waiting, no hassle
🌟 More time for your guests and less stress

Discover the freedom you and your staff deserve and say goodbye to outdated exit processes. The G7 Return makes the visit to your recreational facility as pleasant as possible, allowing you to focus on what matters most – having fun in your facility!


Versatile Use: Advantages for Cardholders

In addition to easing the workload of your employees with the card dispenser, the vented data carriers offer other attractive advantages for your members: Beyond their pure benefit as proof of membership, cardholders can use the credentials thanks to state-of-the-art RFID technology in order to

  • obtain access to authorized areas or approved premises, such as pool facilities or wellness areas,
  • store their valuables in electronic locker systems,
  • make cashless payments at e.g. vending machines.

Snack and beverage vending machines with chip payment functions can generate additional revenue without staff at snack bars or shop cash points. Cardholders can use the GV6 vending reader at NFC terminals for solarium, power plates or showers and cashless vending machines to purchase their favorite products quickly and easily. Also, you can benefit from the use of card readers at a corresponding point of sales system: You enable your visitors to pay for the purchased products using the smart RFID card here, too. You save the use of employees and additional cashiers thanks to modern RFID reading systems. At the same time, you also increase security in your facility by reducing cash handling to a minimum.

Connecting Card Dispensing Machines to your Facility Management Software

As the club management, you have an overview of the activities of the cards issued by the card dispenser at all times: Through the connection to your club and facility management software, you can always see all important information about your customers in the software, such as

  • length of membership,
  • areas to which access has been granted,
  • locker number assigned to the cardholder or selected by them,
  • open payment amount on vending machines or in facility owned shops.

Rely on a complete digital solution from GANTNER and offer your customers and members a unique all-round experience with a wide range of functions combined in a single credential. The card issued by the G7 Card Dispenser is all that visitors need: The RFID card can be used for automated access control, operating the integrated smart locker systems, as well as cashless payments throughout the facility.

In case a card is lost, you have all the important information in your system and can immediately assign a new card to your members via the automatic card dispenser. Our card dispensing machine can hold up to 550 cards at a time, so there are no long queues and no need for your staff to refill the machines several times a day.

Both the design of the chip cards and the card dispensing machine itself can be customized to match your brand. Let the machines perfectly fit your club and your brand identity not only performance-wise, but also visually! In addition, the RFID cards for your members are waterproof, sweat and heat resistant. That makes them ideal for the fitness industry as well as leisure facilities such as sauna areas, swimming pools and other sports facilities.

A Perfect Fit: Solutions from GANTNER

For more than 40 years, GANTNER has been supporting companies worldwide with state-of-the-art solutions for greater security and convenience. Whether electronic access control or convenient protection of valuables: GANTNER’s electronic systems enjoy the trust of numerous companies and public institutions. Benefit from user-friendly tools for managing card dispensers, modern cashless payment solutions thanks to RFID card readers, authorizations through access control to specific areas as well as smart locker systems in your leisure facility. With our diverse solutions, we can find the products that fit your unique needs and requirements while making your operation more efficient and customer-friendly.

Want to learn more about our electronic card and ticket dispenser and the possibilities for your facility? Contact GANTNER today! We look forward to your inquiry.

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