Automated check-in and access control for fitness clubs

  • 24/7 without staff
  • Check-in combined with access control
  • Automation of daily tasks

In the digital age, it is essential for fitness centers to equip themselves with modern technologies to provide members with a seamless experience. A crucial element in this regard is automated entry and check-in, allowing members to move around the club independently and without the need for staff assistance. By utilizing data carriers or QR codes, access is made quick and straightforward, while staff can focus on member support and conducting classes.

More Security

Robust data carriers and a connected system effectively prevent misuse of membership.

24/7 without staff

Fully automated, secure access control combined with check-in.

Complete Overview

Know who is currently in the club. Possibility of access limitation through club management software.


24/7 Check-in and hassle-free entry

Check in and out of the club independently and without staff assistance: A must-have for digital fitness studios is automated entry and check-in using data carriers or QR codes for members. This allows fitness facilities to provide their customers with easy and quick access. Employees can focus on addressing members' concerns and questions, conducting sports classes, or instructing new members on equipment.

Expand your opening hours to 24/7 without additional staff effort for access control. This is done securely and automatically with the membership card. Additional security measures such as PIN code or fingerprint scan are also possible. This saves on personnel costs while providing visitors with more training opportunities.

At the same time, studios can specify which members have access to which areas. Depending on their membership, operators can allow certain customers access to additional amenities such as wellness, tanning beds, sauna, or swimming pool. Additionally, forgotten or lost data carriers can be easily replaced by club staff and, if necessary, blocked.

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Advantages of Gantner access control solutions

Gantner ensures that check-in and access control are automated, secure, and fast. This means more time for the concerns of club members and the assurance that only paying members are in the club.

At the same time, you increase security, as only paying members are present in the studio. This also applies to individual zones within the club, such as paid wellness areas or exclusive zones. The convenient and hygienic solution delights club members and provides operators with an accurate overview of who is in the studio and when.

Control access to your fitness studio digitally and benefit from the following advantages with our systems:

  • Increased Security: Enhance security for members and your business! Thanks to additional verification through fingerprint or facial recognition, shared memberships are a thing of the past.
  • Member Engagement: Welcome your members by name - the Gantner system shows you exactly who has just checked in. Promote personal relationships and thus member engagement by conveying the feeling that your staff know each member by name.
  • Big Data: With a Gantner system, you gain valuable information about the (consumption) behavior of your members. Which services do they use when and how often? Such information supports you in optimizing your offers and services. Use your Gantner terminals to advertise or convey messages. Whether you want to promote a specific action or convey behavioral rules - you can set the message yourself via a web browser.


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