Cashless payment with point of sale systems

  • Efficient purchasing process
  • Customizable POS cash register systems
  • More control and efficiency

Boost your sales through increased purchasing willingness thanks to state-of-the-art technologies: With modern Point of Sale systems and solutions for cashless payment from Gantner, you enhance the experience for customers and staff. Combine full transparency of every transaction with high security: Cashless payment with RFID technology drastically reduces theft and human errors in handling money.


Electronic recording makes every payment transaction understandable.

Increased Revenue

Revenue growth through simplified payment.

Time Saving

Less effort for your employees through automation.

Quick Processing

Reduced waiting times at the checkout.

No Cash Required

Avoid errors in cash management.


Access to all applications with one data carrier.

The right solution for your business: Our cashless payment systems

Retail has become a fast-paced business: Customers want to make their purchases as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, the use of electronic wallets on smartphones, smartwatches, through apps, or with credit cards has continued to evolve in recent years. Today, almost five out of six payments are made cashlessly.

Don't give your guests time to reconsider their purchase and speed up the checkout process with modern Point of Sale systems and cashless payment! Gantner offers a wide range of POS cash register systems that can be tailored to the needs of your business or facility. Discover our convenient cash terminals for cashless transactions for visitors.

Provide your employees with a clear, modern cash register system or save personnel resources with self-service devices and vending machines.

Our offer includes pos systems such as:

  • Card Readers: With the On-Table Scanner, you have the ability to authorize, manage, and accept payments or access permissions from guests or staff!
  • Card Issuers in Fitness Clubs and Leisure Facilities: Allow your members to pick up their membership cards and customers to collect their tickets at self-service kiosks.
  • NFC Terminals: Let your guests benefit from a seamless experience and combine access control with NFC payments at various terminals in your facility, using a single data carrier such as a smart card or a wristband.
  • RFID Vending Reader on Machines: Give your guests the option to pay for goods, for example at beverage vending machines, with chips, membership cards, or smartphones.


Point of sales systems

Choose a Gantner Point of Sale system for cashless transactions to promote impulse purchases and significantly reduce your internal administrative costs!

Would you like to learn more about our hardware and software solutions?

Modern Point of Sale systems enable businesses or leisure facilities such as amusement parks and water parks to offer cashless payment options in their connected restaurants, cafeterias, or shops. Cashless payment with Gantner systems provides a variety of advantages, starting with time management: An RFID transaction takes only about 12.5 seconds. Shorter queues at the checkout save time and can increase revenue: guests enjoy the convenience of using our chip cards, wristbands, key fobs, or even smartphones to make additional purchases.

Improving POS cash register systems and utilizing cashless payment options brings significant security benefits. Cashless RFID technology reduces the risk of money loss, mishandling by staff, or theft, such as the daily cash turnover. Allow cashless payments at various POS stations in your facility with just one ID card, such as a club card, membership card, or employee ID. These contactless payment systems make checkout pleasant and efficient.

By combining Gantner's RFID/NFC authorization cards with our access control and electronic locker locking solutions, you gain full transparency over your customers' transactions. Learn more about your customers, their habits, and their favorite products. Take your sales strategy a step further: use the data for tailored marketing and special promotions of goods, so you can offer your guests the best experience possible!

A POS solution automatically processes payments and simplifies your operations, allowing you to keep track of everything. Make the stay and shopping experience unforgettable and enjoyable for customers through cashless payment.

Operating a leisure facility or sports club with various cash registers and billing systems requires a range of management and administrative tasks. From ensuring there are enough free slots for table or court reservations, or the snack vending machines are fully stocked, to avoiding staff shortages during peak times - with a POS cash register system, you gain more time to ensure that all processes and procedures are functioning while your customers help themselves cashlessly. With our modern systems, your visitors can not only pay cashlessly at cash registers or vending machines, but they can also independently book additional services through our integrated terminals in your facility, such as the use of sunbeds, access to sauna areas, or other amenities.

But which industries particularly benefit from a cashless Point of Sale system? Our references show: GANTNER's cashless billing systems can be used in every industry and organization.

Since our RFID/NFC cards are waterproof and sweat-resistant, they can be particularly well-utilized by guests or employees in the following industries:

  • Commercial sports clubs 
  • Leisure facilities
  • Water parks Hospitals

Of course, cashless transactions can also be used at your Point of Sale systems in student facilities such as universities, libraries, as well as in large companies! Customize each of our electronic ID data carriers for cashless sales with your own company logos and colors, demonstrating a strong corporate identity to your customers, club members, or employees!

13 seconds for the RFID transaction (RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification)

In comparison:
27 seconds for the transaction with magnetic stripes 
33 seconds for cash payment

Find the POS system that suits you

Already have a Point of sale system installed? Then connect our various types of electronic data carriers for cashless payment with your existing cash register systems and keep a quick overview of all transactions with Gantner's mobile cash register software!

Our software and a wide selection of electronic ID data carriers such as chip cards, wristbands, key fobs, or mobile solutions for smartphones or smartwatches can be integrated with your existing organizational systems - combine fast cashless payment with other processes such as:

  • Access control and check-in
  • Locker locking systems
  • Ticketing solutions

to offer your visitors and customers a seamless experience.

Not sure how to connect our contactless, batteryless solutions for cashless payment to your POS systems? Contact us for a customized offer for integrating GANTNER into your leisure facility, educational institution, or business!


Gantner: Your partner for cash register systems and cashless payments

With the aim of enhancing your business and customer experience, Gantner offers a wide variety of new technologies and solutions. Make the checkout process effortless at your Point of sale system with our solutions for cashless payments. Whether you want to streamline your operations by relieving your staff from cash handling, reduce your internal administrative costs, or increase your ancillary revenue: With products from Gantner, you save time, costs, and other resources - for you, your staff, and your guests!

Our products for cashless billing systems utilize the latest RFID and NFC technology and are compatible with POS cash register systems and third-party software. Customize the electronic data carriers for cashless payments with our other modular solutions to make facility usage seamless for everyone!

With years of experience in providing technologies for some of the world's largest and most profitable companies, Gantner continues to offer reliable, secure, and future-proof solutions that meet the individual needs of customers. Contact us to learn more about our custom features and how to integrate cash register systems and cashless payments!


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