Access control, smart locker systems, cashless payment for recreational facilities

With an electronic access control system, contactless, RFID-based locker locks, and a fully integrated solution for cashless payments from Gantner, you can solve different problems at once. Pure enjoyment from the start - for your visitors and you.

  • Electronic Access Control
  • Smart Locker Systems
  • Cashless Payment


Solutions for attraction facilities

An electronic access control, cashless payment, and innovative RFID smart locker solutions from Gantner form a seamlessly integrated system that ensures boundless enjoyment in leisure and water parks, pools, spas, museums, and other attraction facilities. Your guests have more time to enjoy your offerings and spend less time waiting in line.

Facilities with high visitor traffic benefit from a secure and intelligent access system. Automate ticket sales and visitor entry, allowing guests to use value lockers and lockers independently. Exiting the facility is also automated, requiring no staff intervention. Modern return machines retrieve access credentials and release the turnstile at the exit, but only after all payments have been made. Increase your revenue through new technologies and streamline your processes through automation.

We recommend integrating with ticketing and visitor management software solutions from VINTIA, a brand of SALTO WECOSYSTEM. However, our systems are also compatible with other common third-party systems.


Access Control for Attraction Facilities

  • Attraction
  • Fitness
  • Implement systems that allow for short waiting times at the entrance and provide visitors with more comfort.
  • Utilize smart technologies at turnstiles, speed gates, doors, and barriers to regulate and monitor access.
  • Through automations, personnel costs and expenses can be efficiently reduced while ensuring security remains intact.
  • Enable the restriction of access to specific areas easily and straightforwardly, according to requirements and security needs.
  • Grant access permissions through various RFID devices or QR code tickets, for example, to enhance flexibility and security.


Smart Locker Systems

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Smart Office
  • Corporate Security
  • Education
  • Versatile application possibilities in offices, industry, retail, schools, sports, and recreational facilities.
  • Increased security and efficiency through smart locker systems, optimizing visitor flows and improving locker room management. 
  • Intuitive user operation via RFID tags, PIN codes, or smartphone apps.
  • Longevity and reliability, even under demanding conditions. 
  • Customized adaptation to customer requirements, including various permission levels and usage times.
  • Future-proof technology utilizing the latest RFID standards ensures enhanced security.


Cashless Payment

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Smart Office
  • Corporate Security
  • Education
  • Increase in revenue through impulse purchases at POS stations, snack and vending machines, and more.
  • Streamlining internal processes by reducing administrative costs and improving resource allocation.
  • Optimization of payment processes through fast RFID/NFC transactions.
  • RFID data carriers facilitate cashless transactions through prepaid balances, billing upon exiting the facility, or bundled with monthly memberships.
  • Adaptability to specific requirements and processes of various industries such as leisure facilities, sports clubs, and businesses.
  • Reduction of the risk of theft and human errors in handling cash.


Automated Issue and Return of Data Carriers

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Avoid long queues through automation and optimize processes in leisure facilities.
  • In addition to issuing RFID cards, GANTNER's data carriers provide access to specific areas, usage of locker systems, and cashless payment.
  • Card issuance and return machines enable 24/7 access and exit without the need for personnel resources.


Security and comfort for leisure and water parks, pools, spas, museums, and many more from Gantner

Gantner's all-in-one digital solutions ensure smooth ticket sales and access without annoying wait times to the recreational facility and lockers in the changing rooms. Cashless payment leads to increased revenue in the cafeteria or at the vending machines through spontaneous purchases.

Whether it's access solutions for attraction facilities, centrally-supplied or battery-powered locker locking systems, or cashless payment systems - we have the right solution for your requirements.

Discover the variety of modern solutions from Gantner for a wide range of industries and facilities. With years of experience, we already support some of the world's largest and most profitable companies. With our innovative, sustainable, and secure products, we always focus on the individual needs and desires of our customers.

Would you like to learn more about our solutions for leisure facilities or inquire about custom functions and options? Then feel free to contact us. Our experts will provide comprehensive advice on the possible integration of our products.


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