Access control systems for leisure facilities

  • No more queues
  • Automated processes
  • Less staff needed

Efficient and secure access control is a crucial aspect for any establishment nowadays, whether it's an amusement park, a water park and spa resort, or other leisure facilities. By implementing turnstiles and other automated access control devices, not only is security ensured but also waiting times for visitors are minimized, leading to an overall more relaxed atmosphere.


An access control system provides awareness and easy control over visitor behavior.


Efficient access control: for short waiting times at entry and more convenience for visitors.


By automation, you effectively reduce personnel effort and costs.


RFID tokens, QR codes, or smartphone apps authorize for multiple functions during the visit.

VIP/Member access

Simply and straightforwardly limit access to specific areas for a set period.


Protect yourself from unauthorized access to non-public areas by employing additional biometric verification.


Access control for leisure facilities

Make the visit to your leisure facility a relaxed and comfortable experience from the moment of entry! With an access control system at turnstiles or entry gates, you can avoid waiting times for your visitors and ensure greater comfort. Additionally, thanks to RFID technology, you guarantee a high level of security. As the operator of a leisure facility, you retain control over who has access to your premises and can precisely track who has access and when. At the same time, you reduce personnel effort and costs.

Automate your entire leisure facility with Gantner, from entry to various offerings for your guests during their visit, such as cashless payment at self-service stations to self-exiting the premises. This is easily achievable with the G7 Return return machine for RFID tokens like wristbands, which only releases the turnstile at the exit once all costs have been paid.

Discover the diverse possibilities of smart access control through GANTNER's access systems combined with turnstiles, speed gates, doors, or barriers. Feel free to contact us for individual and non-binding advice.


Benefit from a smart ccontrolled access control system in your leisure facility

The use of a smart-controlled turnstile system is worthwhile for many leisure facilities. Through personnel-free access control, for example, 24-hour operation can be easily ensured. A turnstile as access control ensures more security and comfort for your visitors - combine the useful with the pleasant!


Fast and secure access control through turnstiles in theme parks


Give your visitors in amusement parks, theme parks, and other leisure facilities like zoos an unforgettable leisure experience without annoying waits! Especially places frequented daily by large crowds of visitors benefit from electronic turnstile access control. This allows you to ensure fast and secure entry and to organize the coming and going of your guests easily and efficiently. Make it pleasant and easy for your guests by allowing them to gain access with just one data carrier, operate an electronic locker, or pay cashlessly - for maximum comfort and relaxation!


Water parks, recreational pools, and spa resorts fas and secure access control through trunstiles and more


Our access control solutions for doors, turnstiles, barriers, and more integrated into your management software reduce waiting times for your guests in water parks, recreational pools, or spa resorts. Give your guests more time to enjoy their stay through the use of smart technology. From time-controlled access during peak and off-peak hours to 24/7 access: you and your guests enjoy many benefits of an intelligent access control solution.


Museums, galleries, and more benefit from automated access control at turnstiles


Efficiently optimize visitor flows in museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions. Benefit from modern hardware and software seamlessly connecting various processes: from automated access control at turnstiles and doors integrated into your ticketing and management software, to electronic lockers and cashless payment throughout your facility - all with just one single data carrier. Delight your guests and enhance the security of your institution and your staff with Gantner's technology solutions.


Intelligent and efficient access control

The use of electronic systems for access control at turnstiles, speed gates, doors, and similar in your leisure facility provides you with the opportunity to efficiently utilize staff resources and offer your visitors the best comfort. Our systems allow you to create the perfect digital customer journey, starting with online ticket purchase. Then visitors can either pick up their data carrier at an automated dispensing machine in your leisure facility or gain access to your facility directly with their QR code on the ticket. Automated access controls at turnstiles are particularly attractive for small budgets. Even as an amusement park or larger leisure facility, you benefit enormously from automated processes in access control (e.g., turnstiles) at entry.

Effectively secure your leisure facility against unauthorized access by implementing a tailored access control system. Conventional methods such as visually checking membership cards or online-purchased day tickets are prone to errors and fraud. This can lead to multiple people using the same ticket or unauthorized individuals gaining access. With electronic access control, you ensure that only paying individuals gain entry. Through the integration of access control and management software, it is also possible to precisely track how many guests are present.

Various options for granting access:

To ensure that your visitors do not have to endure long waiting times at the entrance, Gantner has developed the GT7 with various accessories and customizable apps. This all-rounder is suitable for almost any ticket technology, such as RFID, NFC, 2-D barcode, or QR code. Whether it's a chip bracelet, chip card, smartphone app, or printed ticket with a QR code, the terminal recognizes every access authorization. It is weatherproof and therefore suitable for both outdoor areas and the indoor areas of a water park, leisure park, wellness oasis, or large swimming facility.


Another option for visitors to gain access to a leisure facility is to independently collect an RFID data carrier from a machine. Machines offer various options: either a barcode or QR code can be scanned, or a PIN code can be entered. Regardless of whether visitors choose the QR code or the RFID data carrier, the turnstile recognizes and enables access equally. This avoids long waiting times and makes the entry process efficient. Thus, guests can fully enjoy their day without having to deal with annoying delays at the entrance.


For visitors who prefer the traditional way, there is the option to receive their data carrier at the reception desk of the leisure facility. There, they can receive an RFID data carrier that can be used to access various areas of the facility. The friendly staff is ready to assist guests if needed and ensure that they can optimize their day. With the data carrier in hand, visitors can pass through the turnstile and seamlessly integrate into the leisure experience without having to worry about long waiting times at the entrance. This classic method provides guests with comfort and security and ensures that their stay is pleasant from the very beginning.



Access control for leisure facilities


Gantner: Your specialist for modern turnstile access control and system solutions

The high-tech company Gantner was founded 40 years ago in Austria and is considered a pioneer in contactless electronic access control and time recording. In the field of fitness clubs as well as in the field of pools and thermal baths, Gantenr is the market leader for electronic identificaion systems and counts numerous of the most important and largest fitness chains and thermal spa holdings among its customers. Gantner is also a top-ranked specialist for access control systems for businesses and public facilities, smart locker systems as well as cashless point of sale systems. Learn more about our offers and references and feel free to contact us for individual and non-binding advice.


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