Access control systems for commercial and public facilities

  • Continuous system
  • Easy to manage
  • Suitable for high & complex requirements

The Gantner electronic access control systems meet the high demands of international companies and public institutions: They offer maximum security for particularly sensitive areas with valuable assets. At the same time, the assignment of different authorization levels is simplified. Do you operate from several locations? Connect them all to one system effortlessly! Third-party integration and interfaces for different hardware and software components make GANTNER's access control system flexible and scalable. Learn more about our secure solutions!


Knowledge and control of who ist in your facility, when and where — at any time of the day. Restrict entry or exit access points. Design your system to be able to allow or deny admission to designated areas of your facility — with extra security for valuable assets.

Faster validation

The Gantner access control system displays messages and indications of whether or not access is permitted at access points in real time. The networked system quickly and easily verifies the validity of RFID badges as well as the identity of their owners.

Biometric data

Add an extra layer of security to your restricted area access control by using a fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, or pin pads to grant access to authorized personnel only.

Time efficient

For larger sites and secure industry facilities, our quick and efficient access control solutions will result in reduced queues and the need for fewer staff members at the gate. Free up more time for staff to spend valuable time on customer service.

Cost savings

Reduce personnel requirements for security & customer care at access points with electronic validation. Shrink the administrative burden of key management and rely on automated, secure access control.

Management software

The Gantner access control software GAT Matrix offers numerous functions to simplify the central management of your access control system.


Elegant Access Control with RFID

Whether you prefer time-based or 24-hour RFID access control – with or without biometric verification: Gantner offers you exactly the application that meets your security requirements. Benefit from a central management software: Once installed, it provides you with valuable data and protocols. Your chosen GANTNER access control system can also be effortlessly integrated into common third-party company organisation software products.

Building Security through Local Network Solutions

The well-organized and controlled access to company sites, offices and facilities provides safety and enhances the trust staff, customers and suppliers put in you. Gantner on premise access control systems make sure that you get exactly the one solution that is ideal for your needs. Mechanical keys are a thing of the past. RFID/NFC data carriers such as employee ID cards, key tags and the combination with personal fingerprints or PIN codes are an easy-to-manage, tamper-proof replacement. Want to know more about the possibilities and solutions GANTNER access control systems provide for your organization? Get in touch to schedule a consultation with one of our sales representatives!


For whom are highly secure access control systems suitable?


Commercial Buildings and Offices


Take the headache out of managing staff and public security by installing a Gantner commercial electronic door lock system. Implement automated access points at entrances and exits of your facilities so you can monitor access times and manage authorizations via access control software. This is a safe and unobtrusive way, while blocking unwanted visitors from your facility.

As a bonus, with the roomsign and access app you have the option of using GT7 access control terminals for flexible, electronic room labeling at the same time. Are you looking to optimize your personnel planning? In addition to access control, we also offer RFID systems for employee ime and attendance management: All terminals and readers, including those for time recording, can be conveniently used with an RFID credential.


Libraries and Educational Establishments


Add an extra layer of security to access with our NFC credentials which can be integrated into any door or third party turnstiles.

Prevent theft and ensure the safety of students and the public in high-traffic areas.

Combine our access control system with smart locker solutions as well as a cashless payment system that can be installed in the canteen or at vending machines – all usable with the same NFC/RFID credential (student card, library card etc).





The safety of employees and patients is of paramount importance. Organize access control with an automated system that ensures only authorized people gain access, both at main entrances and in sensitive, medical areas and wards. It has never been easier to monitor and manage visitor flows in a targeted manner.

A useful addition to RFID/NFC access control at room doors: label rooms electronically and flexibly with our GT7 terminal and to show patients when they are allowed to enter. Rooms that require security clothing can also be controlled via access control: Staff will only be granted access to a specific room via RFID credential if they have previously requested access to and passed through the hygiene lock using this credential.


The components of a commercial electronic door lock system at a glance

Gantner covers all elements of electronic access control in its range of product solutions. Learn more about what’s behind these highly advanced systems and how they can provide protection for people, assets and security in your business with ease.

ID-cards for staff or visitors usually incorporate RFID or NFC technology for easy access control. Depending on the system they can also be used for cashless payment in a facility. These days, apps on smartphones are increasingly used as an access credential since staff carry them at all times. Credentials store user data to verify individual access authorizations and enable managers to track unlock events at any time.

Simple locks are part of the physical access control system. They prevent entry by locking a door or gate. Electronic locks, however, are connected to the RFID/NFC reader and open when the reader recognizes a verified user via management software. Additionally, a PIN code or biometric verification can be used.

With our software, we can define your security measures according to your needs. Are there scenarios where certain door locks must be opened for everyone? For example, in the event of a fire or any other emergency. Or are there rooms that must always be locked, such as server rooms?

Even in case of a short-term power failure, we guarantee doors can still be unlocked as well as locked. What ever your individual requirments are.

Gantner's electronic locks can be installed in any third-party door or gate. For areas with high fluctuation, it is also possible to use physical locks such as turnstiles, which can be equipped with a card reader or terminal from Gantner.

These components are what users are facing when they try to enter a facility or area. NFC or RFID card readers and terminals are usually used for a smooth user experience. High security areas may include further verification systems like biometric scanners with fingerprint identification or number pads for security codes

Controllers are the components in the system that manage all the electric wires connected to electronic door locks. The signal from the reader asking for access is sent to the software via the controller. The software sends back the signal to open a specific door lock, if the individual has the required permissions.

Automatic verification for new staff added into the system, as well as a high level of control over who has access to sensitive areas, meets the need for security and fast processing that large companies or public facilities have. The software linked to the access control system also enables responsible parties to track entry of individuals, grant access rights to a large number of people in a short time or issue reusable data carriers.

Do you also want to use smart locker systems from GANTNER in your building? Via the management software, locker authorizations for individual persons or groups can be easily managed with the same credential they use to access your grounds.


Our products


Whether office complex, production hall or medical Facility: Gantner is your partner for modern access control systems 

Security is key for all public buildings and large commercial sites. With Gantner's access control systems, you can ensure that only authorized people enter your building or facility. For recreational facilities, we also offer turnstile RFID/NFC access control and check-in systems. Thanks to our modular systems, access control, employee time and attendance, smart locker systems, management and ticketing systems as well as cashless payment solutions can be ideally combined according to your needs – fully scalable and customizable.

Gantner is an international company with decades of experience. We have provided many companies and organizations with secure access control systems, smart lockers systems and other convenient RFID based services. Whether you want to boost security at a single site or connect multiple branches to manage secure access control from your headquarters, our experts at Gantner are happy to advise you to find the best solution for you. Get in touch for a free consultation with one of the leading experts in modern access control systems!

What is an electronic access control system?

An electronic access control system is a modern solution for access control to a building or facility, which can be controlled in different ways. Electronic access control may be the standard for the future, but the following types of access control paved the way for the technology and may also be used together with electronic access control:

  • Personal access control (by security personnel or customer service)
  • Physical access control (describes the objects that secure access, such as doors or turnstiles)
  • Mechanical access control (secured by a mechanical lock with a key)
  • Mechatronic access control (a combination of mechanical lock and identifier data carrier such as transponder for additional security).

An access control system employs software and hardware to manage access rights and to grant access to verified people at access points like doors, gates, or turnstiles. Access control used to consist of two simple components: a deadlock and a matching key. A modern access control system can do more than that. For companies, public facilities and other institutions, security and convenience play an increasingly important role.

Especially large organizations – like hospitals or industrial buildings – with a high turnover of visitors and employees need a way to easily grant or deny access to people while keeping sensitive areas secure. An RFID access control system from GANTNER allows for those essential features through the interplay of different software and hardware components. Each of the GANTNER components for access control can be used with your own or a third-party component, as well.

Per definition physical deterrents are not a part of an access control system. Gates, doors and turnstiles have to be considered, though, when thinking about access control management. Depending on different factors it can be either of these entry ways that are most suited to the task. Turnstiles facilitate a smooth flow of many visitors, whereas doors are a sturdy deterrent and the usual choice for offices or laboratories. Gates may be used at carparks or factory entrances to give space for vehicles.

The GANTNER RFID access control system can be installed in any type of physical access control, providing maximum convenience and security. We are happy to assist you finding the best solution for your needs.


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