Access control systems for various applications

Modern time tracking and access control often go hand in hand. With a combined Gantner solution, you increase the security and productivity in your company. Welcome your visitors with an automated access control system and manage the work activities of your employees by accurately recording their working hours. Ensure that only those who are authorized have access to specific areas.


Seamless entry with RFID/NFC access control

Our state-of-the-art access control systems allow you to seamlessly manage and verify access permissions.

For enhanced security: You can easily restrict access for visitors to areas accessible only to employees or grant individual access to authorized persons to sensitive areas.

For effortless space management: In conjunction with access management software, spaces can be temporarily or exclusively made available to employees, students, or clients.

For all areas: Whether you want to deploy our access control system at a simple office room door, a fire door in the hallway, in an elevator, or at a public turnstile: The Gantner Management Software with various terminals and readers can be seamlessly integrated into any enterprise.

Utilize Gantner solutions in the way that is convenient for you: Authorized data carriers such as RFID cards or keytags can serve multiple functions for employees - access to lockers, cashless payment, access to designated areas and rooms, as well as clocking in and out at the time tracking terminal.

GANTNER systems combine time tracking and access control into a streamlined solution. To enhance security, you can complement your access control system in highly sensitive areas with pin pads or fingerprint scanners.

With GANTNER Management Software, you can manage access control for up to 50,000 individuals. Whether you want to enable smooth industrial access for a warehouse or office building with many employees, or provide temporary access for visitors, with Gantner access control and time tracking, you can effortlessly stay on top of things. By using our electronic solutions, you not only increase security against unauthorized entry.

Regardless of whether your employees have flexible or fixed working hours, accurate recording of time worked pays off. Our modern time tracking terminals are much more than just "punch clocks." If your employees are paid by the hour, electronic recording of entry and exit times facilitates payroll processing. Thanks to interfaces with various human resources software providers, you always have an overview of overtime, irregularities, or absences of your employees.


Access control offers many opportunities for efficiency improvement in your company

Gantner's electronic terminals and readers grant access according to your specifications: Public entrances, staff areas, or highly sensitive areas may have different requirements. While gates, turnstiles, or sliding doors should quickly and efficiently handle high traffic for customers, high-security areas may require specially secured access control systems with additional authentication. This could involve entering a security code via a PIN pad or using a fingerprint scanner. Gantner's solutions offer you a wide range of options.

Gantner provides tailored solutions and systems for electronic access control, personnel time tracking, locker locking systems, and cashless payment systems to various industries - all of which can be combined with each other.


Industry, retail, and commerce


  • Central management of access permissions via management software.
  • Management of access permissions for up to 50,000 individuals per door.
  • Enhance your building security by integrating access control into your building management software.


Health and fitness clubs


  • An RFID card or wristband for all applications - starting with automated access control.
  • Quick check-in and access around the clock without personnel.
  • No more uncontrolled entries or shared memberships.


Amusement and theme parks


  • Speed up your access control with automated turnstiles.
  • Shorter lines, fewer wait times at reception or entrance.
  • Control individually who, when & where should have access.




  • Secured doors for public and non-public areas.
  • Control access permissions based on opening hours and individual authorizations.
  • Protection around the clock for patients, staff, and visitors.


Universities, libraries, and schools


  • Limited access to classrooms, reading rooms, libraries, or university spaces.
  • Determine when and who has access, even outside opening hours.
  • Lost data carriers can be blocked and replaced in seconds.


End of trip facilities


  • Quick management: Access permissions can be easily blocked or restricted.
  • Issue temporary employee IDs without much effort.
  • To obtain an optimized solution, integrate access control into your HR software.


Be the captian of your ship with Gantner solutions

In many assignments and projects, it's crucial that the entire team is on deck when the doors are opened. With time tracking thanks to Gantner systems and the accompanying access control, you're always informed about the presence of your employees. Our fully electronic system can be used with credentials such as cards or keytags. A employee can simply use their ID card on an electronic "punch clock" like our GT7 terminal with Time & Attendance App. Relevant data is then forwarded to the human resources management software, and employees can also keep track of their hours. Time tracking ensures fair hour recordings for each employee.

Create work schedules and grant your employees online access. Ensure compliance with local labor laws regarding working hours and breaks. The clear data supports planning and enables you to monitor employee activities such as working hours, sick days, overtime, or vacation days. Reduce costs and labor for scheduling and staffing.

Employees and managers benefit from the modern Gantner time tracking terminals: Employees can easily clock in and out and request vacation days through the terminal. Managers can then grant or deny vacation days - all with the same solution that securely manages the presence of your employees. In combination with access control, only authorized personnel are granted access. Optimize your human resources management, payroll, or security visualization with Gantner systems for time tracking and access control!


Access control and time recording: Which solution is right for you?

Save money and avoid errors by integrating electronic time tracking into your payroll software.

Measure break times and provide your employees with the opportunity to use the same employee ID card, which organizes access and time tracking, to also pay for lunch using point-of-sale systems in the cafeteria.

Learn more about what you can achieve with Gantner solutions for time tracking and access control.


Take your customer journey to the next level

Visitors benefit from Gantner's automated access solution with shorter queue times before entering your facility or a booked area. At the same time, fewer staff members are needed to assist customers during check-in. Employees can spend more time providing goods and services that benefit your business. Our access control data carriers, smart locker usage, and individual RFID/NFC access control come in many forms:

  • Wristbands
  • RFID cards
  • Keytags

With Gantner systems, creating new IDs and changing the status of groups or individuals is a breeze. This saves a lot of time, especially in organizations with high visitor turnover such as fitness centers and leisure and water parks.

Opening hours or time-limited package deals may be reasons to restrict the length of time customers or visitors spend in your building or leisure facility. Connect your ticketing system with time-based access permissions to grant visitors access for the booked time or track their access time to generate an accurate fee they must pay upon checkout.

Provide your guests with an easy solution for booking tickets for events, time slots for services such as massages, or access to an exhibition. Even day passes or premium memberships for an entire year can be seamlessly combined with our access control solutions. For guests, peace of mind and convenience are key: When your target audience books through your website or app, an electronic ticket on the guests' corresponding smart device opens your Gantner electronic access control at the desired time. Our interconnected solutions can seamlessly integrate into our event management software or your third-party ticketing system and technology such as doors or turnstiles.

Want to offer comprehensive service to your premium members? With a Gantner badge in the form of a personalized membership card or convenient wristband, your customers gain access to your facilities as long as they are members. They can also book time slots for additional offerings and identify themselves with their card.

Visitors to leisure facilities can gain access for a day, pay for parking, food, and drinks with a convenient wristband, and use a fast pass to avoid queues. At the end of the day, they can pay all their fees and conveniently return the data carrier to a machine at the exit.


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