Smart office: Innovative smart locker solutions for flexible work environments

With our secure, flexible, and innovative smart locker ystems, we support companies in realizing modern forms of collaboration and meeting today's requirements for an attractive workplace.

  • Applicable to any locker requirement
  • Easy and secure operation with data carriers or smartphone app
  • Reduction of office space and administrative effort
  • Smart Locker Systems
  • Logistics Solutions
  • RFID Technologies


Smart locker solutions

Hybrid working, home office, and shared workspace arrangements are becoming increasingly important. It is crucial to develop new forms of collaboration where employees feel safe and comfortable. For entrepreneurs, this means saving on expensive office space while also requiring a suitable concept in response to these new demands. Changing mobility patterns and increased environmental awareness call for innovative solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to attract the best talents with attractive workspaces.

GANTNER's smart cabinet locking systems lay the foundation for new forms of collaboration. They enable the implementation of new workspace usage concepts, create space, and provide security. The cabinet locking solutions are used wherever secure storage options are needed: at workstations, on office floors, in locker rooms, or at reception.

💰 Save money & space: Optimized utilization of workspaces and cabinets leads to cost savings. 
📱 Easy to use: Intuitive usage via smartphone or employee ID ensures high acceptance.
💻 Easy to manage: A networked cabinet locking system is maintenance-free and allows for centralized control.


Smart Locker Systems

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Smart Office
  • Corporate Security
  • Education
  • Versatile application possibilities in offices, industry, retail, schools, sports, and recreational facilities.
  • Increased security and efficiency through smart locker systems, optimizing visitor flows and improving locker room management. 
  • Intuitive user operation via RFID tags, PIN codes, or smartphone apps.
  • Longevity and reliability, even under demanding conditions. 
  • Customized adaptation to customer requirements, including various permission levels and usage times.
  • Future-proof technology utilizing the latest RFID standards ensures enhanced security.


Centrally supplied locker systems

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Smart Office
  • Corporate Security
  • Education
  • Easy configuration and administration through locker management software of the eLoxx Suite.
  • Sustainable solutions that operate without batteries and incur no future maintenance costs.
  • Comprehensive, multifunctional locker locking systems with operation directly at the door or at a central terminal.
  • The system scales with your requirements, from a simple solution to a complex installation.
  • Different system platforms allow for tailored solutions for Smart Offices, individual customer setups, or internal package logistics.


Battery-powered Locker Systems

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Corporate Security
  • Smart Office
  • Education
  • Ideally suited for small to medium-sized cabinet locking systems.
  • Versatile operation options such as via RFID tag, app, or PIN.
  • Expandable features like infoterminals, user apps, a radio interface for status display, and much more.
  • Easy installation, as no wiring is required and configuration via app is possible.
  • Robust and durable with a battery life of up to 10 years.
  • Future-proofing with an optional radio interface for cabinet management software.


Logistic Solutions

  • Smart Office
  • Electronic cabinet locking systems specifically designed for postal and depot lockers.
  • Logistics solution is integrable into various types of lockers and scalable according to size requirements.
  • All transactions are documented, ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Parcel access is available 24/7 via smartphone, PIN code, or RFID identification card.
  • Through automated processes, customers can pick up their parcels anytime and without requiring personnel assistance.


Smart locker solutions for innovative and modern workspaces

Modern, open office concepts require secure storage solutions for employees, with electronic locker systems providing privacy and comfort. These solutions enable flexible workspace design and save office space while meeting employees' needs for an attractive workplace. centrally-supplied locker systems seamlessly integrate into building management systems, offering efficient authorization management and full integration with other systems such as access control and HR. In locker rooms of end-of-trip facilities, employees who need to change before work can securely store personal items, providing flexibility for the workday. Additionally, smart logistics solutions such as the smart logistic hub simplify mail and package distribution.

Gantner's innovative smart locker systems offer convenient and secure usage with employee ID cards, chips, or smartphones, and in case of loss of the data carrier, a self-service terminal can enable temporary usage. Data carriers can be blocked and reassigned in real-time through software.


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