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In the GantnerAcademy, we aim to actively contribute to the realization of the company's vision. With a strategic focus on creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, we centralize the learning process within the company and act as knowledge brokers for our product portfolio. The goal of the Gantner Academy is to be the primary hub for active knowledge transfer.


Trainings at Gantner

At Gantner, we offer a structured training program to ensure that our customers and partners are always informed about the latest technologies and solutions. The training sequence starts with so-called "Introduction Trainings," which can be completed through our e-learning platform as self-study. These trainings consist of short modules and are accompanied by small assessments to check the acquired knowledge.

Following that, we provide "Deep Dive Trainings," which can take place at Gantner, on-site at the customer's location, or online. Here, you have the opportunity to book a personal trainer or participate in group trainings at the Gantner headquarters in Nüziders, Austria. These in-depth trainings allow you to deepen your knowledge and explore specific subject areas in more detail.

Furthermore, you can continuously expand your skills and knowledge by accessing additional resources through our LMS platform.

To stay a professional, we recommend participating in our free biannual product launch events to stay up to date. Additionally, it's advisable to retake the assessments of the Introduction Trainings every two years to ensure that your knowledge remains current and that you continue to be successful in your professional activities.


Training options

Discover our diverse training formats, from interactive online courses to on-site training – whether it's at our facility or directly at your company. We offer training for every need, whether it's basic knowledge, specific technical skills, or sales training. Meet your and your employees' individual learning needs. Request our comprehensive brochure with all the details now.

  • Online Training - Certification with Exams 
  • Registration through the LMS Platform
  • NDA Required

Cost: free

  • 3-Day INTRODUCTION Training
  • Location: GANTNER HQ in Austria
  • Based on LMS Trainings + Deep Dive Traininging

Cost: Upon request

  • Live Online Trainings via Teams
  • In-house Trainings at the Gantner Academy 
  • On-site Training at the Customer's Location - Travel costs will be billed separately 
  • Booking available upon request via

Costs: Training per day: €1,349.00 and Training per hour: €174.00

  • 2 Online-Events per year for new product highlights
  • Registration via Webinar Geek Invitation


Cost: Upon request


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Häufig gestellte Frage zu unserer Gantner Academy

To contact the Gantner Academy, you can reach out to them via email:


In the email, you can provide your inquiries or questions regarding training topics to the Gantner Academy. Make sure to include relevant details and any specific information or requests you may have.

  • Please register directly through our LMS platform: Gantner LMS Platform >
  • Follow the instructions under "Don't have an account? Sign up for free!"
  • After an internal review by our Gantner Academy, your account will be activated within a few business days. You will be informed about the account activation via email.
  • Please note that a signed NDA is a prerequisite for accessing the LMS platform.

To access the Gantner LMS platform, please follow this link: Gantner LMS Platform >

For faster access in the future, you can also use the "Logins" button located at the top left corner of the browser window in the navigation bar, where you'll find the link to the "LMS Platform". Additionally, we recommend saving the link as a favorite in your preferred browser.


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