Smart locker system: State-of-the-art locking systems for lockers, cabinets, and compartments.

  • Increased security
  • Durable solutions
  • Individually customizable

Smart locker systems are the perfect solution for those looking to optimize customer flows, increase security, and benefit from the long lifespan of technically advanced, innovative locker solutions. Gantner's electronic locks are efficient, durable, and secure. They can be integrated into any type of locker you use or install in your facility. Discover our Smart Locks solutions tailored specifically to your needs!


Why a smart locker system?

Personal and private

Everyone has a secure locker for personal belongings and documents.

Easy to manage

No key chaos, no permanently occupied lockers, everything always in view.

Everything tidy and in order

Clean Desk Policy: Everything hidden away.

Secure storage

Secure lock, encrypted communication and alarm function.

Space saving

Optimized locker utilization means fewer lockers are required and space is used efficiently.


Energy-optimized systems and the use of existing credentials guarantee sustainability.

Who benefits?

Everyone involved in some element of “secure and efficient storage“ benefits from a smart locker system – from the people responsible for organizing the lockers to the owners who invest their capital.

Locker user


  • Secure storage
  • Intuitive use
  • Peace of mind



  • Central access from anywhere
  • Locker solution possible without connection to the IT system
  • Regular penetration tests

Building owner


  • Create secure storage options
  • Easy administration – also via self-service
  • Connection to existing access/HR systems

Workplace designer


  • Enables flexible workplaces
  • Concealed lock mounting for optimal aesthetics
  • High user acceptance



  • Efficient Processes
  • Reduced Personnel for Administration
  • Facilitates Desk Sharing - Reduction of Expensive Space


Manage your smart locks conveniently with a suitable software solution of the eLoxx Suite

From battery-powered to centrally powered Smart Locker Systems, Gantner offers suitable solutions for numerous applications. After decades of intensive research and development, we guarantee you a secure, reliable, and future-proof electronic locking system for offices, industries, retail, schools, sports and leisure facilities, and more.

Whether centrally or battery-powered lockers: All our intelligent, electronic cabinet locking systems give you as the operator full control over your changing rooms and office lockers - thanks to the locker management software solutions of the eLoxx Suite. At the same time, they offer easy operation for users. Are you ready for the future of digital locker systems? It has never been easier to control your dressing rooms smartly!


Increased security thanks to digital locker locking systems

Do your old locker systems no longer meet your current requirements? Do you have locker locks that no longer close properly? Or does the existing system prevent you from efficiently controlling visitor flows in your changing rooms? An electronic lock from Gantner gives you the opportunity to change all of that – and more.

The future for digital locking systems is already smart reality. Our smart locker systems elevate the processes and organization of your company to the next level.


Our solutions in use


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