Cashless vending machines with RFID/NFC payment terminals by Gantner

Increase the satisfaction of your customers and generate additional revenue at the same time with the latest technology from Gantner! Your guests can serve themselves easily and conveniently 24/7 with pre-loaded credit at the cashless vending machines. It is also possible to pay the outstanding amount at check-out or, for example, together with the membership fee. Whether you want to install new vending machines or fit your existing set-up with Gantner NFC/RFID modules – we are happy to assist!

RFID/NFC Technology

State-of-the-art RFID/NFC technology enables a smooth cashless payment process. Whether by wristband or chip card - for employees and guests!


Save capacities, time and staffing costs: The administration effort of the vending machines is significantly lower, and no sales staff is required.


Provide a comfortable experience for your guests: No long queues at the snack bar and a variety of snacks or beverages conveniently at hand.

RFID vending machines make “Grabbing a Snack” easy and convenient

Beverage and snack vending machines are great sales stations because they are always available — without the need for staff. This makes them a great addition to break rooms, employee canteens or fitness clubs. They are a welcome addition in recreational facilities, on campus, in hospitals or in other public buildings. To get the most out of your vending machines, they should be equipped with different payment options.

That’s why we offer seamless integrating of our cashless payment terminal into your existing MDB-enabled snack or drink vending machines, using data carriers such as cards or wristbands. Our modules enable card holders to add credit directly at the machine, reducing lines at the staffed counter. Coins can still be used as alternative payment, maximizing customer reach. Thanks to the cooperation with our leading partner companies, a seamless integration into a billing software is guaranteed.

In addition to saving staff capacity, RFID-enabled combo vending machines also increase customer satisfaction: Guests at recreational facilities do not need to take cash inside and can store their valuables safely in electronic lockers — going for a swim or using the sauna are worry-free thanks to safe storage. Customers receive your branded NFC data carrier via a card dispenser or at the entrance. Their personal card or wristband allows them to buy cold drinks, snacks, and more at the vending machines easily and without waiting in line.

As with an RFID card reader, the data carrier, for example a keytag with chip or a membership card, is held up to the integrated GV6 vending reader from Gantner. Customers then make their drink or snack selection via the payment pad. At the end of the stay in your leisure facility, the amount booked by the guest must be settled at a point of sales system with cash, debit card or credit card. Members can also be charged via their monthly fees. The credit can be topped up directly at the machine via the card reader terminal itself.


Cashless vending systems are versatile

Fill your cashless vending machine with your individually chosen selection. Depending on the type of your facility and the preferences of your customers, you have many options. Apart from snacks and drinks, people may find other items very useful. A cashless vending system at a library may hold pencils, markers, small notepads, or book bags. In a gym you could sell snacks, protein and drinks. Additionally, the RFID combo vending machines can also be used in employee areas or on company premises if employee ID cards allow transactions via NFC terminals.

NFC vending machines fit in with every customer base

Thanks to this wide range of possible uses, cashless snack and drink vending machines equipped with the RFID/NFC vending terminal GV6 from Gantner are ideal sales points in the following areas:

  • Corporate
  • Gyms
  • Indoor swimming pools, indoor water parks and other leisure facilities
  • Universities and schools
  • Hospitals
  • And many more!

Want to branch out with cashless payment options, but keep using your existing vending machines? We can retrofit an MDB interface with RFID technology according to your needs. This system also enables users to deposit credit on the respective data carrier. If you deem it necessary, we can install our cashless vending terminal alongside a cash payment fixture, preserving the option to continue with cash transactions.


Vending terminals for beverage and snack vending machines


Choose from the perfect selection of Gantner RFID technology

As experts in modern solutions for convenience and security technology, we have been supporting companies worldwide for more than 40 years. We offer a wide range of interlocking hardware and software products that fit your individual needs and requirements, while making your operation more efficient and friendly for your clients, members and employees. Whether you want to increase sales with cashless vending machines, provide smart storage with electronic lockers or secure access control: Gantner has the experience and the cutting-edge tech that will satisfy customers and staff.

Does your facility require multiple accounting systems for canteen and snack machines or other sales points? Get the solution to productivity or compatibility problems with Gantner's technology! Our expert consultants will be happy to support you and advise you on the many possible combinations of our products. Get in touch with a Gantner representative in your area today! We look forward to your inquiry.


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