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Gantner: How we think and act

Partnership relations with our customers, suppliers and employees and creating sustainable values are fundamental elements of our success story. We rely on long-standing, trusting and high-quality business relationships and always strive to achieve a technological advantage for our customers. Our philosophy and strategic objectives, with which we ensure performance, competence and compliance, are based on the following principles:

  1. Customer orientation
    All of our activities are focused on customer orientation. Our vision is to develop and deliver innovative, reliable, IT-secure, high-quality, environmentally friendly and legally compliant products and systems that inspire our customers and yield substantial benefits.
  2. Cooperative partnership
    A cooperative partnership is characterized by fairness, honesty, openness and a high standard of professionalism and quality. Even in the challenging times of the 21st century, we always act reliably and responsibly toward our customers and suppliers as well as toward the environment.
  3. Innovation
    In cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions for our sales markets. The manufacture of innovative and high-quality products is a top priority, along with first-class quality of consulting and service. GANTNER strives for long-term sustainable growth – a healthy attitude that accompanies our daily working life from morning to evening. We use all our innovative capacity and technological leadership to offer high-quality products with superior benefits to our customers so that they can successfully position themselves in their markets.
  4. Infrastructure
    The company’s existing infrastructure, an awareness of how to handle information assets and IT security as well as highly qualified employees form the basis for implementing our qualitative and quantitative objectives and our goals related to the environment and information security.
  5. Business management
    The company’s costs directly affect our competitiveness and bottom line. Business management is therefore a basic prerequisite for being able to survive on the market over the long term. As a basic principle, compliance with the specified quality of the work products is cost-effective.
  6. People and employees
    People play an important and key role. They apply their product development and manufacturing skills and use the finished products both personally and professionally. People and the appreciation associated with them play a major role at GANTNER. We feel particularly committed to our employees. We do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior and reject forced labor and child labor. Our employees have a safe workplace and are valued and supported.
  7. Creation of benefits, responsibility
    In addition to meeting legal and customer requirements, we, the managers at GANTNER, are also responsible for our environment and the safety of our employees. Our goal is to combine the greatest possible benefit for our customers and our employees.
  8. With our information security management system, we want to:
    ▪ Ensure the general information security objectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
    ▪ Protect information assets in our company against intentional or unintentional manipulation.
    ▪ Ensure the rights of our employees with regard to information security and data protection.
    ▪ Ensure the company’s compliance with the legal requirements of information security.
    ▪ Process our customers’ data carefully and in a secure environment.
    ▪ Minimize risks to our company and our customers.
    ▪ Ensure continued legal capacity.

We, the Management Board and the employees, are committed to aligning all activities in the company accordingly.

The Management Board

Elmar Hartmann, M.S.
GANTNER Electronic GmbH



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