POS systems & cashless payment guarantee increased revenue through spontaneous purchases

Thanks to convenient NFC payment, your guests can access your services and pay using credit stored on a data carrier – comfortable, flexible, and cashless. Guests can freely decide on the duration of use and are informed about available options and remaining time via a display. Assign individual permissions for your staff or special customer groups who can avail of your services. The innovative software also captures statistical data such as timing and duration of use and provides it – thus, enhancing your marketing and business success even further.


Self-service terminals for solarium, power plates & showers

Grow your revenue through spontaneous spending: RFID payment systems make it easy to pay for additional services. All your customers have to do, is hold their data carrier up to the NFC terminal and choose one of the options provided, e.g. tanning time. If the chip card is accepted and charged with credit, the machine, shower or other service starts automatically. The display indicates the chosen duration and corresponding costs.

Choose the configuration that suits your business: The amount is either deducted automatically from the loaded balance or it’s saved on the credential as an outstanding amount for a later payment.

Since the wristband or smart card can be used for credit or debit payments, you can adjust for different user groups. With one-day guests a prepaid option may provide more security of revenue. Members, on the other hand, may appreciate the convenience of getting billed for services with their monthly fee.

More sales

Dank NFC-Zahlung fällt es Gästen leicht, verschiedenste Leistungen in Anspruch zu nehmen. Das kontaktlose Bezahlen per Armband, Karte oder Chip ist einfach und schnell.

Flexible system

Cashless payment wherever you need it: At shower stations, tanning beds, in the solarium in the spa area, or at fitness equipment like power plates: NFC terminals can be used flexibly.


NFC terminals, software, and matching wristbands, cards or chips: With Gantner you get everything for RFID payment and more: combine with access or smart locker systems as needed.

Member convenience

Ensure more security and convenience for your customers: Cash and bank cards remain secure in the changing room lockers, and your customers pay conveniently via NFC payment.

Additional revenue

Cashless payment and self-service allow for more spontaneous consumption. Customer-specific promotions additionally increase your sales.

24/7 with less staff

Minimum effort, maximum profit: Your business benefits from around-the-clock sales via cashless vending machines or self-service terminals.

RFID payment at terminals

The Gantner RFID payment and access control system also recognizes authorized users who are allowed to use services without additional payment. This might be the case with premium memberships in a fitness club, for example. Each charge is stored on the chip and can be read by a club management software – the accrued data can be used for statistical evaluations, for adjusting your service portfolio or other marketing activities. Recently more and more pay-per-use-showers are being offered as additional services or as part of a package for a reasonable fee, e.g. in health clubs. Thanks to NFC terminals by Gantner, these services are easy to implement in your fitness club or leisure facility.

Learn more about the GT7 terminal, modern card dispensers for tickets or membership cards, and the endless possibilities with RFID payement systems, access control and smart locker solutions! Our experts are more than happy to assist you.

Turn your tanning salon or other stations into a self-service area easily

NFC terminals with time-based billing turn your solarium into a self-service station. Using cashless snack and beverage vending machines with RFID payment function, you can also offer additional goods. This will allow you to extend service times while reducing the number of employees needed. The NFC payment system is easy to install and manage. With systems from Gantner, you ensure greater convenience for customers and employees. This can also boost customer loyalty.

GT7 is a multifunctional terminal that is compatible with different apps for various applications. The time app, for example, was designed for the use at self-service solariums. Members can pay for predetermined times (5, 10, or 15 minutes), using credit on their membership card or other credentials. The NFC terminal displays the available options and, once selected, it shows a timer indicating the period of use. The GT7 terminal display also functions as an additional advertising space for discount promotions. Combined with the countdown app, the NFC terminal can also be applied to showers or fitness equipment, such as power plates and more, to offer services conveniently and with a time limit — available 24/7.


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Multiple options for RFID payment systems

There are two possibilities of making a transaction with Gantner cashless contactless NFC payment systems:

  • Prepaid: Customers, guests or team members book a certain amount of money on the (membership) card in advance and can consume until the balance is used up. There is no debit from a bank account or credit card, it is paid with the credit on the data carrier.
  • Postpaid: Within the facility, services are used or products are consumed, the information on the amount consumed is posted to an RFID wristband, chip or card. The customers, guests or team members still owe the amount. The transaction (payment) is made only at the end of the visit when leaving the facility. It can also be charged together with the monthly membership fees.

The G7 system platform: The perfect systems and functions for your requirements

One set of hardware, many apps: The G7 system from Gantner offers you exactly the range of functions you need on-site. Easy, safe and flexible: Set up a contactless NFC payment option, grant acces, or offer timed services. Additionally, you can combine the RFID payment system with a modern access control system as well as smart locker systems.

At Gantner you get hardware, software, cloud systems, and services from a single source:

  • G7 Connect compatible system hardware: terminals, readers, controllers
  • Hardware and app define the function: cashless payment (via NFC payment), timed access management, access controll, and much more
  • Contactless use with data carriers such as wristband or card
  • User authorizations can be customized individually through management software
  • Cloud service and online access for increased operational security
  • Various device variants and extensive installation tools


What do NFC and RFID actually mean?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is an international transmission standard for the contactless exchange of data. NFC is based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), which enables automatic, contactless identification of an object.

In everyday life, NFC technology is often used for contactless payment by debit or credit card at the supermarket checkout. Banks are increasingly equipping their cards with an NFC function. This means that it is generally no longer necessary to enter a pin to make a payment. The contactless payment process is much faster than entering a pin or using cash. Smartphone and app manufacturers as well as mobile communication providers also offer their customers the convenience of NFC payments. A smartphone app (e.g., Apple Pay on iPhones or Mobile Payment on Android devices) is linked to a credit card, which can then be used for contactless payments on the go.

An NFC payment can also be made independently of a bank or credit card. To do this, a user loads credit onto a chip, wristband, or card. The person can now use the mobile data carrier for contactless payment. Such a data carrier is also able to save information on what and how much was consumed. Booking is therefore simple and contactless. Customers make their payment either cashless via bank or credit card or in cash at the checkout.


NFC terminals for cashless payment and more from Gantner

More than 40 years of development, quality made in Europe, and an innovative, international team: this is Gantner's combination of success. With NFC terminals we offer our customers the future of RFID payment systems: Get your very own modern and secure systems for cashless payment and timed billing. Our solutions combine the highest functionality with timeless, modern design. Use our contact form now to get more information about our NFC terminals, easy-to-use software, and useful accessories!

Are you interested in solutions such as cashless point-of-sales systems, RFID locker systems, or access control systems? Gantner offers flexible and secure solutions for many requirements that meet the highest security standards and provide you with valuable information for important company decisions and marketing activities.


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