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Security for your company: Electronic access control solutions and smart locker locking systems for employees from Gantner provide comprehensive security for your company from a single source. Our solutions meet the highest requirements, are versatile and flexible for combination and use - ideal for office buildings, healthcare, and industry! Learn more about our offerings and discover the suitable solutions for your facility.

  • Electronic access control
  • Smart locker systems
  • Security solutions


Security for your company: Access control, smart locker systems & digital time recording

In times of increasing digitization, the demands on business security as well as employee safety are rising. Topics such as occupational safety, IT and cyber security, as well as building security are aspects that companies must consider in terms of security. Legal regulations, such as mandatory employee time tracking, can be securely stored and proven through electronic systems. Additionally, employees can easily and conveniently record the data themselves. Through secure systems, companies reduce risks that could lead to economic damage or employee dissatisfaction.

With systems from Gantner, you ensure more security and comfort for your company's employees: Easy clocking in and out through digital time tracking terminals, personal security through electronically controlled access controls, or protection for valuables through state-of-the-art office lockers. The various electronic solutions from Gantner serve a variety of security measures that you can implement in your office, healthcare facility, or public institutions.

Keep digital track of the allocation of access authorizations: Using a personalized data carrier and electronic locks in the form of RFID terminals and readers, your employees cannot lose keys, which could pose a security risk or incur expensive costs for lock changes. Additionally, enable a variety of offerings in your company. Employees can easily:

  • Gain access to the building or specific rooms
  • Clock their working hours
  • Use personal locker locking systems
  • Make cashless payments in the cafeteria or at snack machines

Your staff receives information directly at the corresponding terminals about the action taken. Authorization for entry is granted in real-time. Security clearances can be adjusted in a central management software.


Access Control for Corporates

  • Corporate Security
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control of access activities in real-time, regardless of location and time.
  • Flexible adjustment of entry and exit regulations as well as individual access permissions in real-time.
  • Utilization of state-of-the-art technologies such as biometric identification, RFID, or NFC for precise and reliable access control.
  • User-friendly access control software with an intuitive interface for easy management and clear representation of all door accesses.
  • Compliance with the highest quality, environmental, and security standards according to ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.
  • Integration of alarm and emergency functions for quick responses to unauthorized access or potential security threats.


Time & Attendance

  • Corporate Security
  • Automated time recording through digital terminals for employees, simplifying the manual management of work hours.
  • Digital time recording increases efficiency in the company and can be seamlessly integrated into access control.
  • Capture work hours using RFID data carriers and make authorization adjustments in real time. 
  • Gantner systems are flexibly adaptable and offer open interfaces for seamless integration into existing time tracking software.


Smart Locker Systems

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Smart Office
  • Corporate Security
  • Education
  • Versatile application possibilities in offices, industry, retail, schools, sports, and recreational facilities.
  • Increased security and efficiency through smart locker systems, optimizing visitor flows and improving locker room management. 
  • Intuitive user operation via RFID tags, PIN codes, or smartphone apps.
  • Longevity and reliability, even under demanding conditions. 
  • Customized adaptation to customer requirements, including various permission levels and usage times.
  • Future-proof technology utilizing the latest RFID standards ensures enhanced security.


Cashless Payment

  • Fitness
  • Attraction
  • Smart Office
  • Corporate Security
  • Education
  • Increase in revenue through impulse purchases at POS stations, snack and vending machines, and more.
  • Streamlining internal processes by reducing administrative costs and improving resource allocation.
  • Optimization of payment processes through fast RFID/NFC transactions.
  • RFID data carriers facilitate cashless transactions through prepaid balances, billing upon exiting the facility, or bundled with monthly memberships.
  • Adaptability to specific requirements and processes of various industries such as leisure facilities, sports clubs, and businesses.
  • Reduction of the risk of theft and human errors in handling cash.


Gantner: Your partner for security concepts through electronic solutions

Electronic access control systems, smart locker solutions, state-of-the-art time recording terminals in offices, and much more based on RFID technology: Our team at Gantner supports you from consulting on individual or complete solutions to integration and commissioning of the systems. We are happy to accompany you on the path to increased security in your company while optimizing internal processes. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation!


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