eLoxx 365

eLoxx 365 is a subscription-based (SaaS) cloud-based locker management platform. With the eLoxx 365, administrators can easily manage users and configure locker locking systems. This innovative solution, a cornerstone of the eLoxx Suite, revolutionizes locker management in companies. Regardless of the industry or project size, eLoxx 365 offers cutting-edge cloud technology accessible through any web browser.

The user interface of eLoxx 365 has an intuitive design, enabling administrators to effortlessly set up locker hardware, manage users, and monitor locker operations. Users can choose to use RFID identification media or a convenient smartphone app.

eLoxx 365 automates processes to optimize locker usage and maintenance. With a well-arranged dashboard and comprehensive reporting capabilities, you always have an overview. Integrating eLoxx 365 with other applications, such as access control or HR systems, is seamless.

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