eLoxx Relaxx

eLoxx Relaxx is a powerful software for managing GAT NET.Lock 7xxx and GAT SMART.Lock 7001 systems. It enables centralized control of locks, automatic locker opening, and real-time monitoring of locker occupancy. The networked alarm function allows a clear display of anomalies in the system or the current alarm status. Statistics on locker usage and the allocation of personal lockers can be easily and quickly managed in just a few seconds.

Intergration Possibilities

eLoxx Relaxx software can be integrated into nearly any third-party management software. Existing access control or locker rental software can be easily expanded with eLoxx Relaxx. Using a single RFID or NFC medium (card, wristband, mobile phone, etc.), lockers can be operated, and access, check-in, and cashless payments can be enabled simultaneously. Manual keys are a thing of the past with a GANTNER system. Instead, you can benefit from easily manageable credential functions and permissions assignments via a card, wristband, or mobile phone.

Web application

eLoxx Relaxx stands out with numerous features, a clear and logical representation, and a user-friendly operational interface. Moreover, eLoxx Relaxx can also be accessed via an app, allowing authorized individuals to control the smart locker system from anywhere.

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