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Gantner's cashless systems can work in any type of industry and organisation, from commercial health clubs, leisure centres and water parks, through to private hospitals, student facilities and major corporations. Cashless can work for your clients as well as for your employees, greatly reducing your administration costs at the same time.

with RFID datacarriers

Going cashless

Cashless payments are the way of the future, and a feature that no commercially-savvy leisure facility or large scale company should ignore. Make it easy for your customers or employees to spend money at your site with GANTNER’s NFC contactless technology solutions.

When customers have the convenience of using a GANTNER smart card, wristband, fob or even their smart phones to make additional purchases, your secondary spend revenues have the potential to soar.

Remove the hassle of visitors or employees having to carry or store cash, eliminate the risk of loss or theft, and smooth out your own operations by taking away the need for staff to handle or process cash.

Brand any of our credentials with your own company logos and colours, and make your customers’ experience easy, enjoyable and memorable.

cashless payment


Smartcards or wristbands can be pre-loaded so guests can easily swipe and spend on goods and services around your facility – helping to boost impulse purchases. They can preload credentials with cash or pay later at the cash machine when they leave

Facilitate spending 24/7, enabling cashless payments for vending machines and lockers, as well as in cafés, bars, restaurants and staff or student canteens which operate extended or round-the-clock hours

Easily upsell and automate the sale of premium or timed services – such as sunbeds or massage chairs, select fitness equipment like power plates, and showers or end-of-trip facilities, to bring you additional revenue streams

Ensure complete transparency on each and every transaction

Gather valuable ostumer pruchase data to help you create more  trageted offers and makreting campaings in the future

Reduce the time demands on staff and your back office when it comes to maoney and credit card handeling

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