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Spas, thermal baths, and pools offer pure relaxation. Our Wellness Management Software enables you to enhance comfort and security for your customers. With features such as online bookings, access control, and integrated locker solutions, we facilitate the management of your facility. Thanks to our multifunctional systems, guests can enjoy the amenities even more effectively.

State-of-the-art technology for relaxed management of pools, thermal baths, and spas.

Wellness facilities are places of relaxation for guests, but behind the scenes, there is often a hectic process for employees and managers: appointments for massages or other treatments are scheduled, cash registers in the cafeteria need to be manned, and personnel are required at the entrance cash register, which may also need to control the allocation of lockers in the changing rooms. In addition, responsible staff in various areas such as the swimming pool or sauna ensure safety and are always available to assist customers.

To maintain a peaceful atmosphere despite the complex processes in the facility, a modern cash register system and comprehensive booking, billing, management, and wellness management software are essential. As the manager of a spa, thermal bath, or other wellness facility, you can easily control and manage locker allocation in the changing rooms, access to specific areas, as well as sales in the catering or vending machines with this software. Additionally, it includes managing appointment bookings and personnel scheduling. The process of leaving the facility is also automated and requires no staff involvement. Modern return machines, such as the new G7 Return, retract the data carriers and release the turnstile at the exit. However, this only happens after everything has been paid for.

With a resort or wellness management software, facilities also gain deeper insights into important analytics regarding utilization, popular products, gastronomic offerings, and required personnel. Based on these analyses and reports, departments such as human resources, marketing, inventory management, and many others can more precisely control administration and advertising. At GANTNER, you not only receive state-of-the-art cash register systems for swimming pools but also a variety of integrable and electronic solutions for:

  • Time recording and access control: Easily control time-based access of guests to your facility as well as their length of stay. Timekeeping for staff can also be recorded through the Gantner system. 
  • Smart locker systems: Electronic lockers in the changing rooms offer simple and organized management for employees and guests. Additionally, they provide the benefits of enhanced security and the elimination of easily lost keys. 
  • Point of sale systems: Enable your customers to make purchases in shops and dining areas effortlessly and simultaneously increase your revenue through modern RFID technology.

all in one place

From access control to smart locker solutions to billing and cash register systems for the wellness industry

You want your visitors to effortlessly purchase tickets, comfortably enter the facility, occupy only one locker, and enjoy as much as possible spontaneously? Nothing could be easier than that — with Gantner's RFID solutions, specifically designed for the bathing sector. But what exactly does the Gantner Wellness Management Software for resorts, baths, and thermal baths cover? Quite simply: EVERYTHING! From cashless payment systems for wellness facilities, including ticket dispensers and wristband return machines, as well as a web shop with reservation functions, to access control at turnstiles, electronic locker locking systems in the changing rooms, to cashless payment at all sales points. And since convenience is an important aspect, your visitors only need an RFID wristband, card, or other data carrier for all of this — and the wellness and bathing enjoyment begins.


Fast and easy sales thanks to modern cashless payment systems for wellness facilities, cash machines, and integrations into web shop solutions for entry bookings in spas, thermal baths, resorts, and swimming pools.

A modular RFID system, expandable at any time: From entry to exit of the facility, the bathing and wellness management software combined with Gantnerhardware products provides the best solution for your leisure facility.

With a wristband, all services within the facility are accessed, such as lockers in changing rooms, cashless payment at vending machines or in the gastronomy area, and access to the sauna or spa area. Billing is simple and automated upon leaving the facility.

Electronic locks on lockers in the changing rooms ensure security and easy management. Especially in swimming pools, thermal baths, or spa facilities, secure lockers in the changing rooms are particularly important. However, free lockers are often scarce, especially during peak times. With an electronic locker locking system from Gantner, you have the ability to control this. You have a precise overview of occupancy at all times, manage your locker rooms from your PC or tablet, and minimize administrative effort. Your guests can also easily identify free lockers, for example, with our networked locker lock NET.Lock, using a colored LED display. Neither you nor your guests have to deal with keys. And maintenance costs are nearly eliminated.

Electronic locker systems for changing room lockers from Gantner are characterized by:

  • Easy management, occupancy overview, and control via PC or tablet
  • Integrated tamper alarm and vandalism-protected installation for maximum security
  • Easy retrofitting and management even in existing lockers — goodbye to keys!
  • Info terminals help guests independently retrieve their forgotten locker numbers without extra effort for your staff.

Security and comfort for baths, thermal baths, and many more from Gantner

The all-in-one cash register system for wellness management software from Gantner ensures smooth ticket sales and access without annoying waiting times to the facility and lockers in the changing rooms. Cashless payment leads to increased revenue in the cafeteria or at the vending machines through spontaneous purchases.

Whether solutions for ski depots, access control and cashless payment systems for amusement parks, or with museum management software: Discover the variety of modern solutions from Gantner for a wide range of industries and facilities. With years of experience, we already support some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. With our innovative, sustainable, and secure products, we always focus on the individual needs and desires of our customers.

Would you like to know more about our cash register systems for wellness facilities or learn about customer-specific features and possibilities? Then feel free to contact us. Our experts will advise you comprehensively on a possible integration of the wellness management software and electronic locker locking systems in the changing rooms of your thermal bath or spa.

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