Family-friendly company 2024-2025


Family-friendly company: GANTNER has once again been awarded the "Family-friendly company" certificate by the state of Vorarlberg. 


Recertification "Family-friendly company 2024 - 2025"

GANTNER has once again received the "Family-Friendly Company" certificate from the state of Vorarlberg, Austria. Through a comprehensive evaluation, it has been determined that GANTNER meets the necessary criteria for the award of this seal. We are extremely pleased to have successfully met these requirements once again.

Family-friendliness not only refers to the traditional family structure of "father, mother, child," but also encompasses the care of relatives, opportunities for breaks such as sabbaticals, reduced working hours for educational or personal purposes, as well as the opportunity to be involved in a club (e.g., by being able to flexibly adjust one's working hours). All of these and much more are also criteria falling under "family-friendliness." GANTNER is one of three companies in Nüziders to receive this award.

More Info about the Certification

We have a very social approach. Employees know that they can come to their supervisors or management with any issue, including family or personal issues. So far, we have always found a suitable solution.

Elmar Hartmann, CEO

Why is it so important for a company to be family-friendly?

Strong families are a prerequisite for the positive development of society. The more child-, youth- and family-friendly a region is, the better the quality of life and the location. In this sense, it is essential to adapt and consistently develop the framework conditions.

This includes, above all, a good work-life balance. The state has set various priorities in this regard. The commitment of Vorarlberg's business community is also indispensable. Family-friendly structures can have a significant impact on business success: more motivation, greater employee loyalty, less fluctuation, fewer sick days. Family friendliness is also an important factor in the competition for the best brains.

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