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Discover intelligent ticketing software and point of sale systems for amusement parks: Gantner's solutions encompass a variety of options. Explore everything from modern access control to smart locker systems and cashless payment solutions, all from one source. Save on personnel costs while increasing your revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction for an unforgettable visit to your amusement park!

Improved Customer Service Thanks to State-of-the-Art Technology

Visitors to amusement parks, whether they're there for the roller coasters, water slides, or themed attractions, look forward to a day of fun with friends and family. However, even before arriving in the morning, everyone knows there will be a lot of waiting involved. It starts with buying tickets, often leading to long queues just to get into the park. Once visitors finally make it inside, they head to the rides, only to find more waiting.

Families with children often carry bags that need to be stored during rides, posing the question: where do visitors keep their valuables?

Operators of amusement parks should invest in good ticketing systems and modern access control. With GANTNER's many solutions, you can provide your visitors with faster and more convenient entry. Improve satisfaction and safety by enabling cashless payments at the park's POS systems: Upon park entry, visitors receive an RFID-enabled device in the form of a wristband or card, allowing them to make cashless payments. At the same time, the device can be used for access to rides or the water park area.

By providing lockers with our smart locks, you also ensure the highest level of security for visitors and your staff's valuables. These electronically secured lockers can be rented by the hour or for an entire day and can be operated with a device instead of a key. In addition, efficient locker rental promotes revenue growth.


GANTNER offers a wide range of solutions tailored specifically to the needs of large leisure industry enterprises, such as water parks or amusement parks with hotel facilities. A GANTNER system guarantees:

  • Highest functionality
  • Reliability
  • Security

And if you provide us with your brand design, you'll receive specially branded products from us.


In your amusement park, do you have VIP lounges, children's paradises, or areas reserved exclusively for your staff? Perhaps you offer fast lines and want to offer visitors quicker access to rides for an additional fee? By automating access control to various areas of your facility, you reduce staff requirements while simultaneously increasing security. In addition, uncomplicated access control enhances the experience for your customers.


Gantner's point of sale system for amusement parks offers numerous advantages, making operations more efficient and customer-friendly. Simplify processes in your food service and merchandise shop with self-checkout at POS systems. Your guests save time and can pay the entire bill accumulated on their device at the end of their visit, eliminating lengthy payment processes and the need to carry cash or credit cards. At the same time, you save capacity with your staff: your employees can focus on any inquiries, advice, or other tasks in the amusement park.

Our solutions can also be used at entry: The POS system automates many tasks, including ticket sales. This minimizes human errors and speeds up transaction processing. Combined with access control solutions, you can keep track of guests in the park and actively manage visitor management.


Locker or cabinets can be rented for individual hours or an entire day.

Automated access control and ticket issuance at main entrances for active visitor management. Control individual accesses for VIP guests and staff to reserved areas.

Cashless payment in restaurants, cafeterias, shops, and vending machines: Shorter queues and more guests make purchases through self-service checkouts and RFID wristbands or customer cards.


Versatile Service for Amusement Parks & Other Industries

Parks with hotel connections want to make it easy for their guests. The electronic security system from Gantner allows access without waiting times, secure storage of valuables, and cashless payment in restaurants and shops.

Are you interested in our solutions but operate facilities in another industry? We are happy to support you in planning and integrating state-of-the-art technologies for access control, time recording, and smart locker systems. Explore our:

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  • Ski depots for hotels and ski rental shops in the mountains
  • Museum Management Software
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  • Point of Sale systems for zoos and animal parks

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