SALTO WECOSYSTEM: A new brand DNA for the future of advanced access


Gantner is proud to unveil the SALTO WECOSYSTEM, a new brand platform that brings together our core brands – Gantner,Salto, and the newly introduced Vintia – to lead the digital transformation of access and identity management. This strategic move synergises a diverse range of innovation expertise under one brand platform ecosystem and signals a significant leap forward in the access control industry.

The SALTO WECOSYSTEM embodies the commitment to innovation of each SALTO Group company and demonstrates the collective power of smarter access to places, experiences, and opportunities. By redefining its brand platform and establishing core brands under the umbrella of a single brand platform ecosystem, we aim to foster a more sustainable and connected future, driven by the strength and expertise of each brand.

Under the SALTO WECOSYSTEM, each brand contributes its unique strengths and plays a vital role in this common mission:

  • Salto continues to lead the way in pioneering building access, identity management, and electronic locking technology that ensures a secure, smart, and seamless user experience.
  • Gantner develops reliable and smart identification, access, cashless payment, and locker solutions that automate and digitize business processes, optimizing organisational efficiency and security.
  • Vintia, the most recent addition to the brand ecosystem, specialises in innovative ticketing and booking systems that revolutionize the customer experience in the leisure and attractions sector.


Aznar Sethna, CSMO of SALTO, shares that ‘Uniting our core brands – Salto, GANTNER, and Vintia – under the SALTO WECOSYSTEM reflects our commitment to delivering comprehensive yet distinct solutions and services that improve access, streamline operations, and enhance the user experience across a wide range of industries. This new brand platform ecosystem allows for a more cohesive market approach, creating further value for our partners who can leverage the strengths of each brand to deliver innovative solutions. The ability to retain distinct solutions, technologies, and brand characteristics while sharing and enabling one another’s synergies is a testament to the strength of the SALTO WECOSYSTEM as a whole, and the collaborative spirit fostered within each brand’.


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