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Smart RFID cards are ideal for boutique studios
Automated access control at entries and smart locking solutions at wardrobes

Only the best for boutique studio’s

Luxury boutique fitness clubs are a growing segment in the health and fitness market, attracting a loyal and affluent clientele who expect an exceptional in-club experience, whether it's for cycling, yoga or HIIT training.
GANTNER's range of bespoke access and locker systems will ensure the member journey is both highly personalised and exclusive from the moment your members are greeted at reception until the time they leave. Make them feel connected to your club, your staff and to each other as members of a social 'fitness tribe'.

Concentrate on your club and let the system work for you

Locker Management

Fully automated access and locker management will allow fitness staff more time to deliver high levels of assistance to members.

Cashless Payment

In a contract-free environment, a GANTNER smartcard enable members to pre-load their credentials with cash to quickly and easily pay for the class of their choice or send on food and beverage.

Networked Fitness

With many boutique clubs focused on fitness performance, GANTNER offers the ability for member credentials to be linked to networked fitness solutions like the Technogym key for easy access to personal fitness data.

Information terminals in the wardrobe can enable members to easily locate their locker number if they forget

No need for key management means employees can spend more time with members, and any lost credentials can quickly be replaced

Operators can easily identify lockers that are in use and better manage the allocation of lockers at peak times

Locker Solutions for your wardrobe

24/7 access to your lockers hassle-free

Increase Security and convenience

members of boutique studios expect luxurious changing areas and a high degree of convenience. A GANTNER automated locker system can be retrofitted into any existing changing area, and clients simply use the same access credential which is also programmed to open their locker.

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Smart readers can feature in the changing rooms
Lockers need to be smart and secure
The member credential can open the wardrobe lockers
Contactless readers at reception

Enabling cashless payments has been known to improve secondary spend within club by as much as 30%

Cashless Payment Systems

Typically with no membership contracts in place, boutique studios have to work hard to upsell their additional services and encourage repeat visits. With a GANTNER cashless card system, the process becomes effortless and enjoyable for members.

Your Benefits

  • Allow members to load cash onto their membership cards so they can spend easily within the club, especially while they are relaxing in the social areas of the club.
  • Upsell additional services such as sunbeds or personal shower/changing cubicles that can be accessed with their credential.
  • Create a loyalty spending scheme that is monitored through their credential so that members are incentivised to keep coming back and spending more.

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A single credential can secure access to many areas

Further information

High technology standards for boutique clubs

One member ID can create smooth, secure and efficient customer access

Boutique studios can offer members the convenience of a single credential to access the turnstiles, wardrobe lockers, fitness equipment and the solarium. They can also use their member card, wristband or key fob for cashless payments in the club cafe.

GANTNER respects your privacy

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