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Museums can offer RFID member and visitor cards

Access, ticketing and locker solutions for museums and cultural attractions

  • Fast and safe entry with our integrated ticketing and access control systems
  • Complete ticketing solutions that cover everything from ticket sales and memberships to retail
  • Increased security and convenience for visitors’ personal belongings with keyless electronic lockers

Security, ticketing and locker storage solutions

Advanced Electronic Solutions for museums, galleries and cultural attractions

GANTNER’s advanced, robust yet flexible systems are designed to ensure your visitors will have an enjoyable and memorable day visit from start to finish. Our integrated entry, ticketing and locker storage systems are built to cater for the needs of popular cultural attractions around the world. We understand the demands of handling high visitor footfall, especially at the weekends and during holiday periods.From ticket purchase and access to food and drink sales or storage of valuables, your customers will be guaranteed a seamless journey.


GANTNER’s access technology guarantees the highest levels of security combined with speed and convenience for the visitor.Operators will know exactly who is in their facility and where they are active at any time of the day. This information combines with our powerful data solutions to provide powerful business and future marketing knowledge.


Cut down on entrance queues with the speed of our ticketing systems and allow membership pass holders to gain faster validation for entry. Visitors need just one electronic credential (smart cart, wristband or key fob) to enjoy all your facility has to offer.

Our ticketing solutions include powerful integrations that enable the management of the customer journey from access and group bookings to secondary spend opportunities around the museum of attraction.


 Many museums and cultural attractions are located in urban areas, so being able to offer visitors secure storage facilities with one of our timed locker systems – perhaps even beyond their visit – could mean they choose your location over others.

Management of locker allocation becomes automated and easy to manage, while electronic credentials eliminate the potential for lost locker keys. Detailed electronic customer data will help you make your customer offers and services more tailored than ever before.

Remote smartphone access
Wristbands can be custom branded
Keyless access for smart lockers



Operators can easily replace lost credentials. If a user forgets which locker they used, a terminal can display the used locker number requiring no time from staff.


Both users and operators benefits from simplicity - no pins to remember, no mechanical keys to manage or carry.


Eliminate maintenance costs associated with lost keys, failed locks, and time spent managing the lockers.


GANTNER’s award-winning NFC/RFID technology enables busy attractions like zoos and museums to link all their key services together with one convenient – and brandable – wristband or card.


All GANTNER locking systems operate with NFC-enabled phones, cards, and wristbands


Multiple locker modes provide the flexibility to make all lockers available or to individually assign or rent lockers for a defined time period.

Wristbands can be custom branded

Contactless technology

GANTNER uses the latest RFID technology, so visitors simply swipe a waterproof wristband, card or smart phone to access anything from lockers to vending machines and POS terminals.

  • You can easily reset the credential in case of loss
  • One waterproof credential for access, locker and cashless payment systems
  • Customizable design of cards or wristbands with your brand
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Global player - market leader

For more than 35 years, GANTNER has been the market and technology leader in contactless RFID access control, electronic locking and cashless payment applications for the global leisure industry.

  • Open for 3rd party software.
  • Global partner network.
  • More than 35 years experience in the market with international clubs.
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I don´t have to manage a lot of keys manually

Regardless of whether you prefer battery-operated locks or wired locks, you can assign lockers to your customers individually or allow them a free choice. We can help you to find the right solution.

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    Make your life easier with advanced locker and access systems

    Many parks are still euqipped with old mechanical keys that experience escalating maintenance costs.

    • Safer and more convenient park
    • Increase your revenue - waterpark visitors may pay for the use of the locker
    • Access and capacity control
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    Suitable for all types of lockers

    Our electronic locking systems are specifically designed to be suitable for installation with all types of lockers.

    • Suitable for wood, plastic, metal or glass doors.
    • A contactless credential e.g card, wristband, key fob or watch is used for lock identification and operation
    • Resistant to humidity and salt air as well as ultraviolet radiation.
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    Access and ticketing for cultural attractions

    Secure access control and check-in for visitors

    Visitors need just one contactless RFID credential to enter the cultural or leisure facility, access locker storage and use it as a pre-paid cashless payment card for goods and services. Management can use out ticketing solutions which link you GANTNER’s time and attendance recording software.

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