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Financial services and government institutions must take security seriously
Access Control, time Recording and smart locker solutions

Access and time recording solutions for public facilities, government

The world of finance or government requires the highest levels of security – to protect sensitive financial data, personal valuables, and large numbers of employees and clients.

Safeguarding assets and people

Access control, time recording, locker management for public facilities, government, banking and insurance


Typically the largest employers in any country, government, bank and public facilities require the highest levels of security to protect both their workers and the public, as well as the highly sensitive data administered within their walls. These facilities face the dual challenge of having to be easy to access and navigate for public visitors, while simultaneously providing robust internal and external security across every level of the organisation.


From biometric access and time-locked doors, to networked security data between branches and contactless ID cards for staff and clients alike, GANTNER has a gold standard solution for your every need.


GANTNER’s product range provides advanced level security for today’s banking and insurance organisations, with access solutions that connect together seamlessly to ensure your security is effective but also as unobtrusive as possible.

GANTNER key fob reader
Smartphone enabled access
Smart contactless solutions
Remote door locking solutions

Challenges of a networked access solution

Separated areas for authorised personnel with the employee ID.

Networking between different locations.

Efficient access control in the whole building.

Time recording systems

How to increase productivity with time recording solutions?

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    Fingerprint identification for more security

    When the optional biometric fingerprint sensor is added to the terminal you have full verification that the person carrying the credential is indeed the person it was issued to. With GANTNER's biometric data on credential option, verification occurs within a second and identification swapping is eliminated

    • Possibility for self check-in.
    • Quick access or check-in procedures.
    • Check in is required to use a GANTNER secured locker or cashless payment device.
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    How much time do you spend for adminstrating hundreds of lockers?

    No more headache for operators every year to check the lockers properly. It´is much easier now - let us help you to improve your locker management.

    • Authorisations can be centrally managed by the locker management software
    • Less maintenance cost for operators with electronic locker systems for university lockers.
    • Easy replacement of lost student cards and no forgotten PIN numbers
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    Contactless technology

    GANTNER uses the latest RFID technology, so visitors simply swipe a waterproof wristband, card or smart phone to access anything from lockers to vending machines and POS terminals.

    • You can easily reset the credential in case of loss
    • One waterproof credential for access, locker and cashless payment systems
    • Customizable design of cards or wristbands with your brand
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    Global player - market leader

    For more than 35 years, GANTNER has been the market and technology leader in contactless RFID access control, electronic locking and cashless payment applications for the global leisure industry.

    • Open for 3rd party software.
    • Global partner network.
    • More than 35 years experience in the market with international clubs.
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    Key benefits


    GANTNER’s NFC-enabled staff and client ID cards ensure that all arrivals and departures are electronically tracked via the institution’s central management software.


    Create different tiers of security at a location by implementing employee zones that require different access rights, or introduce more secure barriers between staff and client areas.


    Ensure all the building’s pre-configured door controls – such as air locks, anti-pass backs or elevator areas – are managed and monitored centrally, in real time.


    Biometric readers at key access points provide next-level security, eliminating any ID card-sharing so management know exactly who is in the facility at any one time


    Link RFID employee cards to a central database for instant management of staff movement within the facility or between different branches, as well as instant access rights cancellation if a member of staff leaves


    GANTNER solutions can be easily retrofitted with existing management software and security hardware, producing cost savings for institutions and eliminating any downtime for implementation

    Remote door locking solutions

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