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RFID / NFC system solution for fitness clubs

Digital club transformation – more comfort & efficiency

With innovative solutions, compatible with all common club management software providers, we optimize and organize all fitness club areas. GANTNER automates your club and supports your digital transformation – creating a superior member experience!

  • One credential for all applications
  • Compatibility with modern digital training equipment
  • Automation leads to more sales and lower costs

Club automation

Higher security and more profit

GANTNER supports you in the automation of daily processes. We offer solutions for access systems, electronic locker locking systems, or cashless payment with an RFID / NFC data carrier. This allows your members to check in to club services independently without staff. With innovative solutions, compatible with all common club management software providers, we optimize and organize all fitness club areas. GANTNER automates your club and supports your digital transformation – creating a superior member experience!

💳📱 Integrated system

One credential for all applications.


Compatibility with modern digital training equipment.

💸📈 More profit

Automation leads to more sales and lower costs.

Unique Solutions

  • GANTNERN offers more than just locks or simple terminals. We offer a complete, interconnected system solution.
  • Our solutions adapt to your requirements in relation to project application, size, and complexity.
  • The GANTNER system can also be integrated one steps at a time. All areas of your club can be included.
  • A GANTNER system has a modular structure and can be expanded at any time.
  • As with a modular system, you only use those products that you need for your club.
  • Integration with third-party software and hardware (such as management software, turnstiles, etc.) can be done easily and inexpensively.
  • GANTNER is an expert in the fitness industry and knows the requirements of club owners very well.
  • Our solutions are tailored to the needs and requirements of modern fitness clubs.
  • Our system is reliable and provides a future-proof, durable investment that meets your individual and growing demands.
  • GANTNER has been ensuring more efficiency, comfort, and safety in the fitness segment for over 35 years.
  • 8 of the 10 leading fitness chains in Europe trust the touchless solutions from GANTNER.
  • We accompany you from the planning phase, including solution concept, implementation, and service phase with our own hardware and software.

Check-in and access control

For quick and secure identification

GANTNER ensures that check-in and access control are automated, quick, and secure. This means that your employees have more time to deal with the concerns and care of your club members. At the same time, you increase security, as only paying members are in the studio. This also applies to individual zones within the club, such as paid wellness areas or exclusive zones. The comfortable and hygienic solution thrills club members and offers the operator a precise overview of who is in the club and when.

🛡️ Higher security

Robust credentials and a networked system prevent membership abuse.

🕛 24/7 without staff

Fully automated, secure access control with optional fever screening.

🖥️ Full Overview

Know who is currently in the club and limit access to the club management software.

  • Automatically ensures that only paying members gain entry. With additional verification using fingerprints, shared memberships are a thing of the past.
  • Anyone who does not use a turnstile for access control in their club can make check-in necessary using an electronic locker locking system. A locker can only be locked when a member check-in at the terminal.
  • With an automatic fever detection, you protect your employees and members alike. In passing, the body temperature is measured automatically and without contact, and entry is denied in the event of a fever.
  • GANTNER ensures that staff is no longer required for check-in and access control.
  • Extend your opening times to 24/7 without additional staff for access control. It is done securely and automatically with the membership card.
  • Your employees no longer have to deal with administrative tasks but can instead take care of your members.
  • Member loyalty
  • Greet your members by name – the GANTNER system shows you exactly who has just checked in.
  • Promote personal relationships and thus member loyalty by giving the feeling that your employees know the respective members by name.
  • Give your members a feeling of security – where you know the members personally and by name, abuse has no chance.
  • With a GANTNER system you receive valuable information about the (consumption) behavior of your members. Which services do they use when and how often? This and similar information will help you optimize your offers and services.
  • Get to know the habits of your members very well and send them coordinated offers.
  • Use your GANTNER terminals to transport advertising or messages. Regardless of whether you want to advertise a specific campaign or inform about rules of conduct, you yourself put the message online using a web browser.

Locker systems

For changing rooms and value lockers

Centrally-powered locker system

Centrally powered locker locking systems from GANTNER are the environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for organizing your changing rooms and value lockers – completely without batteries. We ensure that your members no longer need additional keys or coins but can conveniently use a locker with their membership card, a wristband, or their own smartphone. Thanks to central management software, you always have your entire locker system under control – even in challenging times. A centrally powered locker locking system is the ideal solution for larger facilities.

😃 Member comfort

Always a vacant locker without key organization ensures convenience.

🔒 Break-in alarm

The integrated break-in alarm protects operators and members.

💰 Cost savings

Thanks to optimized use, fewer lockers are required. The system is maintenance-free without batteries.

  • With the contactless RFID / NFC locking systems from GANTNER, club members no longer have to carry additional keys with them.
  • Forgotten and lost keys are often a nuisance when using conventional systems with mechanical locks and cause high costs.
  • With an electronic RFID locker lock, lost data carriers can be replaced very easily and inexpensively.
  • GANTNER ensures that permanently occupied lockers are a thing of the past thanks to the centrally time-controlled (night) opening function.
  • All lockers are always available automatically and without personnel expenditure, and there are no bottlenecks even at peak times.
  • The possibility of automated opening of the lockers after closing hours also enables easy cleaning.
  • Theft is a major annoyance for club owners and members.A GANTNER locker locking system ensures more security.
  • Our modern, electronic locker locking system has an integrated break-in alarm. Any unauthorized opening immediately triggers an alarm.
  • Past experience has shown that the deterrent effect can reduce break-ins to almost zero. This gives your members a feeling of security and at the same time increases your reputation.
  • GANTNER puts an end to lost keys, forgotten PIN codes and permanently blocked lockers. Your members and employees no longer have to struggle with it.
  • Thanks to the clear laid out locker management software, you have full information and control over your changing rooms and lockers.
  • The current occupancy overview, the break-in alarm at the PC, the remote-control of lockers, the automatic night opening function, and many other options make your GANTNER locker locking system a unique management tool.

Battery-powered locker systems

Battery-powered locker locking solutions from GANTNER are ideal for small and medium-sized facilities. They are perfect for the simple retrofitting of existing systems, as they can be integrated into existing lockers without cabling. Both you and your members benefit from the advantages of a contactless RFID / NFC locker system. There is hardly any simpler way to increase safety, comfort, and efficiency. And for special requirements, such as day visitors, a solution with a PIN code is also available.

🔨 Robust and durable

A robust and durable design, along with a battery life of up to 10 years.

📱 Fast configuration

Configure and analyze audit trails faster and easier with an app.

🔧 Easy retrofitting

Compatible replacement for coin and key locks. Optional with status feedback to a central management system.

Cashless payment systems

For additional revenue and comfort

Convenient payment without cash or bank card offers new possibilities and additional business. Make your club cashless and eliminate the dangers of using cash, such as theft or accounting errors. Simplify payment transactions through cashless payments and save your employees time and work. The cashless payment system from GANTNER can be used with almost any club software. Payment is made either by adding a sum to the member’s account or by integrating it into the club’s accounting system. Whether at the vending machine, the drinks bar or in the shop – the convenience of cashless payment leads to more spontaneous consumption.

💳 Member comfort

No need to carry cash, payments are made conveniently using the member credential.

💶 Additional revenue

Cashless payment and self-service increase spontaneous consumption. In addition, customer-specific promotions increase sales.

🔄 24/7 without personnel

Sales around the clock using a vending machine or self-service terminal.

  • Stimulate impulse purchases by offering your members specific promotions that they can use with their data carrier at any time.
  • Cashless payment promotes impulse purchases and increases the convenience of your members.
  • Increase your sales by up to 30% through easier payment without cash.
  • Business planning is important for every company. With beverage subscriptions you will increase your sales and know exactly what additional income you will generate.
  • Offer your members additional convenience by allowing them to use their data carrier to get a fresh drink themselves at the drinks station at any time.
  • Increase your sales through monthly recurring additional income through automated beverage sales.
  • With a cashless payment system, you can stand out in the competitive market with affordable monthly subscriptions and at the same time generate additional sales through additionally billed services.
  • Charge premium services such as tanning or massage beds without cash. The offers are conveniently used with the data carrier. Going to reception beforehand or handling coins is not necessary for this.
  • Showers can also lead to additional income. GANTNER integrates them into the cashless payment system and you generate additional income for the use of the showers.
  • Vending machines are silent salespeople who are available 24/7 and increase sales without the need for staff.
  • Cashless payment also simplifies consumption, makes it even more spontaneous and increases the convenience of your members at the same time.
  • With a GANTNER billing terminal, payment is fully automated, and your members do not need any cash in your club. This also means that your employees don’t have to worry about the cash in the vending machines.

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Access control, smart lockers and cashless payment for your fitness club


Are you looking for a smart locking system, an access control and / or a suitable lock for your lockers and want to get rid of your mechanical locks? Regardless of what suits you, whether a networked or battery-operated lock – GANTNER digitizes your gym.