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Full service club members expect convenience

Full service fitness clubs

  • Access control connected to all of your chains.
  • Control large-scale locker installations directly from your service desk using our automated keyless locking system
  • Only one card or bracelet for access control, lockers and cashless payments.

More functionality and service with smart systems

As the health and fitness market becomes more segmented, with small niche clubs at one end and high-end luxury clubs at the other, the full service clubs in the middle must work harder to distinguish themselves in a competitive market.

A GANTNER solution can enable full service clubs to create the functionality and service capability to keep their wide range of members happy, while still keeping that all important personal touch.

  • Increased security in your club with access control solutions
  • Reduced maintenance costs with electronic locker locks
  • Secondary income through cashless payment systems
Gantner wristbands can be branded to your facility
Lockers can be linked to an alarmed network
Fingerprint access adds a high level of security
Safe access zones can be designated



Integrate our access management software across larger chains, enabling valuable reporting on everything from access patterns to locker usage.


Control large-scale locker installations directly from your service desk using our automated keyless locking system.


Enable a seamless journey for customers through all areas of the club using just one RFID-enabled credential.

Lockers can be quickly opened with the swipe of a wristband Cashless payments cut down on queues

Further information

Keeping full service clubs competitive

Club members want convenience and security

From efficient parking lot management to easy-to-access leisure lockers, full service club members expect their trip to the gym to be as convenient and as pleasurable as possible. They also expect high security at turnstiles and for their wardrobe lockers in the changing rooms.

GANTNER respects your privacy

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