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High End Clubs

A GANTNER system fits seamlessly into any high-end club design, greatly improving the club’s functionality and service capabilities, without impacting on their exclusive interiors.

Highest Level of Security for your members

Access Control Solutions at entries or at VIP areas

Focus on your Members

Often attracting affluent baby boomers accustomed to the highest levels of customer care, luxury health and fitness clubs need to ensure they remain deserving of their five-star status.

Increase Security in your Health Club

Luxury health club members expect the highest levels of access security, and a GANTNER access system can be installed at both the reception and within specific areas of the club.

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Smart readers can feature in the changing rooms
GANTNER's invisible locks do not detract from the locker design

Your Benefits with Keyless Solutions


Easily manage peak and off-peak memberships with our access software so members are easily differentiated


Our access and automated locker system retrofit seamlessly into high-end club environments


Customers can enjoy the greater convenience of just one RFID-enabled credential to access the club and all its additional services, while staff can be on hand to provide that extra level of customer service


GANTNER offers the option of biometric and fingerprint readers at all key access points to create the safest possible environment


Use our contactless and cashless technology to create a customer experience that is unrivalled among luxury clubs

Cashless spending

High end clubs have many opportunities to create secondary spend offers and upsells to their members, and the implementation of a GANTNER cashless card system makes it all the more easier.


  • Encourage secondary spend within the club cafes, restaurants and bars by enabling members to use their membership card like a pre-paid credit or debit card.
  • Allow them to book special offer services such as a beauty treatments which are easily redeemed with their membership smartcard.
  • Reduce staff and money handling demands so they can spend more time looking after members.

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Further information

High end health club members demand high security

One RFID membership card for multiple functions

Five star, luxury fitness clubs can provide multiple services through GANTNER’s keyless access and locker technology. Keyless access to wardrobe lockers, safe deposit boxes, solarium and even cashless payments in the club cafe are all possible.

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