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Industry and retail need robust access technology
Do you know who is in your facility?

Access control for industry and retail

Whether a busy shopping mall, large-scale warehouse, building site, laboratory or office high rise, today’s commercial and industrial buildings need to ensure security for customers, visitors and employees alike. Industrial sites, for example, require the tools to manage large areas and multi-level security zones, verify site visitors and temporary workers, and safeguard sensitive areas such as fuel storage.

Access control and time recording solutions

Creating safe and convenient commerce

Locations such as shopping malls need to safely manage the flow of their retail tenants, daily deliveries as well as large volumes of visitors, while science laboratories or medical research centres have highly sensitive data, equipment and complex levels of personnel to protect.


GANTNER’s advanced range of access control, secure lockers and NFC card technology can ensure there’s a solution to fit every need and budget for the industry and retail sectors, creating an environment that’s not only highly secure and compliant with public liability requirements, but also comfortable to be in.

Smart contactless solutions
Fingerprint access adds a high level of security
Smartphone enabled access
GANTNER key fob reader
Remote door locking solutions
Contactless RFID access
Create high security zones within hospitals


Our automated electronic access control and contactless systems can be centrally configured to guarantee only the correct people can enter a designated zone or facility at any one time. These access rights can also be enabled across multiple sites


Implement a one-card-for-all system so staff can use their ID cards to gain entry, access their locker and even use as a cashless spending card in the staff canteen, thanks to GANTNER’s award-winning NFC technology


Biometric technology offers that next level of safeguarding for facilities where the highest level of security is required, such as data-sensitive laboratories or board-level areas for CEOs


Built-in time-recording capabilities enable even the biggest organisations and facilities to centrally monitor arrivals and departures of full time and temporary workers and link the data up to HR departments


GANTNER’s automated, keyless locker systems are ideal for large scale facilities, providing safe and convenient storage for employees or even day visitors - all managed from a central terminal


GANTNER’s open interfaces for third party software means our systems can work seamlessly with existing commerical software, whatever the design or application

Remote door locking solutions

Further information

Security solutions for industry and retail

RFID and biometric solutions for the commercial sector

Large factories and retail sites can maintain an efficient flow of workers or visitors using GANTNER’s access control systems and turnstiles. For staff, credentials such as badges or key fobs can be swiped for easy access. We also have technology for cashless payments and pos.