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Access control for visitor attractions worldwide
One complete and automated system in your park

Access, Ticketing and Locker System for your Waterpark

  • Keyless access into and around your park using convenient waterproof wristbands
  • Advanced ticketing solutions that integrate with all areas of your waterpark’s operations
  • One contactless credential for all solutions, including access control, locker systems and cashless payments

Do you want more control and faster access to your facility?

Focus on the core operation of serving guests thanks to electronic systems.

GANTNER’s access, payment and locker systems offer a seamless solution for the ultimate in-park experience, ensuring waterpark visitors spend more time on fun and less time in queues.

Focus on your core operations and guest service, while our electronic systems ensure everything runs smoothly in front of guests and behind the scenes.


Waterparks with a large throughput of visitors on a daily basis will gain unlimited benefits from a secure and intelligent access system.Quickly and easily manage the entrance, exit and flow of large volumes of people, while gathering essential business data to help manage your operations


Our powerful solutions can handle all aspects of your waterpark’s ticketing needs.Simplify sales for general day ticket sales, season passes, online and group bookings, while also selling time slot tickets for individual park rides at peak times.Branded kiosks at the entry will speed up ticket handling, while kiosks situated in the park will increase the opportunity for further sales.


Ample storage for guests’ belongings is an essential part of your waterpark service as guests have no choice but to change within the park. Our electronic locking solutions enable easy centralised and automated management of storage allocation, while timed access choices open up many possibilities for in-park locker rental income.

Wristband access to lockers means that guests never have to carry cash in the waterpark, and operators never have to deal with lost or broken keys or jammed or rusted locks.

Wristbands can be custom branded
Attractions customers want a seamless journey through the park
RFID wristbands improve the customer experience
Storage lockers can be rented per hour

Your benefits

A contactless and automated system

... can help operators achieve savings by reducing administration and staff costs

An open and modular access system

... means its products can be retro-fitted or expanded later into existing hardware and integrated into existing 3rd party software thanks to open interfaces.

Increase secondary income

... through supplied access control terminals for restricted areas such as the VIP. Only guests who upgrade can access these areas and increase secondary income to the park. For more revenue as well the streamlined sale of locker rentals, thanks to integration with POS and locker rental softwares are another possibility.

Safe and secure

... without requiring staff, operators can secure designated areas, increase security with an alarmed locking system from lockers, and benefit from a cashless facility, where money-handling or problems of theft are greatly reduced. For operators, the system’s ability to automate and secure operations is unparalleled.

Wristbands can be custom branded Credit can be uploaded onto a wristband or member card

RFID wristbands for waterparks

Manage large volumes through RFID ticketing, storage and access technology

Manage access control and ticketing as well as on-site cashless payments and locker usage and safe deposit boxes. Increase revenue using our RFID technology which can monitor timing and attendance. Wristbands can be branded.

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