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Access and ticketing for the zoo/aquarium sector

Access, ticketing and locker solutions for your zoo or aquarium

  • Automated access control at turnstile or gates to cut down on entrance queues
  • Benefit from attractive, branded ticketing kiosks around your attraction
  • Secure storage for personal belongings of your visitors with smart electronic lockers

Enjoy more security and convenience at your zoo with our smart, integrated system

GANTNER Ticketing works with some of the largest zoos and aquariums around and understands the precise needs of this sector. We understand the world of visitor attractions is a competitive market, especially during the school holidays when many facilities are vying for a slice of families’ business. GANTNER’s integrated entry, locker storage and ticketing systems can directly cater for the needs of your zoo or aquarium, while ensuring your visitors have an enjoyable and memorable visit from start to finish.


Be able to control access to any area of your facility with our electronic access solutions, while cutting down on visitor queues at peak times. Gain a competitive edge by allowing visitors to take control of their own journey on arrival with the allocation of a single secure smart card to serve all their needs. Guests will feel secure, while operators will always know exactly who is in their facility and where they are.


Our ticketing system allows your visitors to purchase entry, pre-book or manage their memberships online, and load their card with pre-payment to spend in the shops, cafes, vending machines and play areas. Allowing guests to gain entry to your site and your services with just one cashless card, and giving them access to on-site kiosks for further purchases and bookings, will greatly enhance your income-generating opportunities.


For large attractions like zoos, families may need to access several different locker locations around the park depending on their plans for the day. Offering lockers that can be programmed and opened with their entry card or wristband for either a one-time or an hourly fee creates a more convenient and flexible solution families will really appreciate.

GANTNER Ticketing ermöglicht den Eintritt durch das GT7 Terminal
Lockers can be linked to an alarmed network
Locks can be networked or battery-operated
Customers can enter a PIN code to access their parcel
Wristbands can be branded
Contactless wristbands for access

Locks for lockers for visitor wardrobes

Visitor management with ticketing or access control systems

Different access levels for different employees

Security for the zoo/aquarium sector

Visitor management made easy with GANTNER technology

Ticketing, access systems, locker solutions and cashless payment for the zoo/aquarium sector. Visitors need just one credential such as a member card, key fob or wristband to enter the park, access locker storage and safe deposit boxes, and even use it as a pre-paid cashless card for goods and services,