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G7 Return: The New RFID-Wristband Return Machine

Automate the Exiting Process at Your Facility

The G7 Return is a modern, sturdy wristband return machine for RFID wristbands, adding to the automation options for recreational facilities. When visitors leave the premises, they place their wristbands into a clearly identifiable return slot. The data on the wristband is then read through the connected management software, and the exit is automated, provided there are no outstanding balances on the wristband. It’s an efficient, durable, and visually appealing solution to reduce staffing needs and improve safety and convenience.

G7 Return is typically placed freestanding right next to the exit barrier. The GRT7.1300 is available as a complete solution, including an attractive stainless steel column. Alternatively, the GRT7.2300 can be installed directly and flush-mounted, for example, into the reception counter. The core of the G7 Return is a robust mechanism that reliably and efficiently reads and retrieves the inserted wristbands. The clear display and illuminated return slot with distinct status indicators guide visitors through the process in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner. The G7 Return identifies the wristband and receives information from the management software regarding any outstanding balances. The feedback from the G7 Return is clear and apparent to the visitor. If there are no outstanding balances on the wristband, the turnstile is automatically unlocked, allowing the visitor to exit the facility. In cases where the wristband does not need to be returned (e.g., for season passes), the turnstile is also unlocked via the reader on the G7 Return.


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Your benefits with the new G7 Return

  • Intuitive use for guests
  • Robust in daily operation
  • 100% secure payment
  • Integrated into visitor management system
  • Easy configuration via web interface
  • No personnel required

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Gerhard Pichler

CSO - Chief Sales Officer

Tel. +43 5552 33944
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G7 Return: The Wristband Return Machine

Automate the Return of RFID Wristbands in your Facility

Automate the return of RFID Wristbands with the G7 Return machine. Enhance Safety and Convenience in Recreational Facilities.