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GAT ECO.Lock 7xxx

Battery-operated locking system

GAT ECO.Lock 7xxx is the ideal solution for customers seeking a cost-effective, battery-operated electronic locking system for lockers. GAT ECO.Lock 7xxx can be safely opened and closed by simply pressing a credential to the lock’s button. Since the administration of a GAT ECO.Lock does not entail any administration overhead (no mechanical key management) and the system also works autonomously, personnel expenses are minimized and administration costs are reduced. The GAT ECO.Side Lock can be connected to the Relaxx management software via radio transmission so that important status information can be accessed centrally at any time and you always have an overview of your system.

The battery-operated GAT ECO.Lock 7xxx is an easy-to-use, easy-to-retrofit electronic locker lock. By simply presenting an employee-ID card on the lock button, the lock is securely opened and closed via motorized bolt locking. To ensure easy, intuitive use, a multi-colored LED light clearly shows the current locking status – green for available and red for closed. On special request, customers can opt for a wi-fi enabled network, used for simple configuration, reading of bookings locking statuses, as well as making firmware updates. Eliminate mechanical key administration and maintenance burdens. With the new GAT ECO.Lock 7xxx, it’s all easily done.

  • Clear status display directly on the cabinet´s
  • Locking mechanism with a motorized bolt for maximum reliability.
  • Operates with all RFID/NFC credentials (mobile phone, card, wristband, key tag).
  • Versatile operating modes – free, personal, timed.
  • Easy retrofitting of existing lockers, no cabling and suitable for all locker materials.
  • Optional wireless communication.

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