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GAT ECO.Side Lock 7xxx

Battery-operated system

Since its release, the GAT ECO.Side Lock has been recognized across the globe for remarkable innovation. GAT ECO.Side Lock is the world’s first battery lock to include up to a 10-year battery life, alarm function, and complete in-locker mounting. With no external door parts, GAT ECO.Side Lock is vandalism-proof and sure to fulfill the high aesthetic demands of owners and architects. The GAT ECO.Side Lock can be connected to the Relaxx management software via radio transmission so that important status information can be accessed centrally at any time and you always have an overview of your system.

GANTNER electronic NFC locks can be securely opened and closed by presenting an NFC credential (card, wristband, keytag) or NFC-enabled mobile phone to the lock’s reader field. GAT ECO.Side Lock utilizes low power technology to achieve a long-lasting battery life of up to 10 years. Acoustic and visual alarm function provide an additional level of security and complete in locker mounting provides a sleek and elegant design. Locks can be programmed for either shared or single user modes.
It is also possible, to use these locks with the OSS standard (Open Security Standards) independent of the manufacturer. This means that the locker rights of your employees can be written to the card via the access control and your locker locking solution can be used OFFLINE with the corresponding authorizations

  • Battery life of up to 10 years (due to low energy consumption)
  • Configurable with system keys or NFC mobile phones
  • Slim and elegant design due to full installation in the locker
  • Audible and visual alarm functions on the locker
  • Easy retrofitting with all locker materials
  • Multiple operation modes - free locker selection, personal locker or time limited locker

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