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GAT IO 705x

State-of-the-art I/O expansions

You have many doors in your office building and possibly also lifts or smart locks that have to be controlled via an access control system? To do this, you need digital inputs and outputs, which, however, are limited in number in controllers. The GAT IO 7055 provides for an expansion of 8 outputs and 16 inputs, whereby up to 8 relay expanders can be connected per controller. The smaller version, the GAT IO 7054 provides 4 outputs and 12 inputs. This offers you additional flexibility, reduces the effort, and lowers the costs.

New access system functionalities

For customers, this not only means an enormous cost reduction, since structured cabling and a common power supply can be used. It also brings new functionalities of the access system, such as the control of access authorizations for lift systems. The GAT IO 750x makes it possible that persons can only select floors to which they have been granted access.

In combination with the GAT DC 7200, the relay expander can also be used to control lockers. In this case, a locker is selected at the access control reader and is only opened if the person also has the corresponding authorization for the locker.

The GAT IO 705x also offers new possibilities for access control in leisure facilities. For example, group doors, passages for wheelchair users or tariff displays can be controlled easily and flexibly by the GT7 and the management software.

Easy installation

Since the housing can be mounted on a DIN top-hat rail and installed in any location, the cabling effort is minimized, and installation is simplified. The intelligent “Plug & Play PLUS” function also makes the GAT IO 705x something special, as it enables independent and automatic configuration. It doesn’t get any more convenient or faster than this.


  • Extension of controllers with inputs and outputs
  • Extending the functionality of the access system
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Cost reduction and enormous flexibility