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Battery-powered, electronic (PIN-Code) locker lock for door installation.

The GL7p is a battery-powered, electronic RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locker lock that is available with and without PIN-Code keypad. The innovative design lock is the ideal solution for the realization of a cost-effective, secure, and intuitive electronic locker system for the safe storage of personal belongings. The locks are suitable for almost every type of locker material (even single-walled metal doors) and require no cabling. They are thus straightforward to retrofit in existing locker systems – previous mechanical lock mounting holes can be easily reused. The GL7p can be connected to the Relaxx management software via radio transmission, so that important status information can be accessed centrally at any time and you always have an overview of your system.


The operation of the multifunctional GL7p is carried out using a data carrier AND/OR PIN-Code, which provides a range of application possibilities and levels of security depending on the customer‘s requirements. For example, different user groups and security levels can be organized through the combination of contactless RFID technology (identification) and PIN-Code requests (verification). The use of the PIN-Code function without additional data carrier as well as the mixed use of locks with and without PIN-Code keypad is also easily possible. As data carriers, RFID cards, wristbands, badges, etc., can all be used as well as NFC and mobile devices via an app.


  • With and without PIN-code keypad - combined use of both variants easily possible
  • Mobile variant available - wireless interface
  • Secure data transfer between lock and data carrier
  • Mechanical lock (motor) for highest reliability
  • Customized printing of the push button possible
  • Simple retrofitting of existing lockers, no cabling, existing holes of mechanical locks still usable