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Gate and Door Access Control Systems & Time and Attendance

Modern time and attendance recording and door access control systems often go hand in hand. With GANTNER, one lean solution combines security and increased productivity. Welcome visitors with state-of-the-art automated check-in, manage employee activity levels through discreet time recording and make sure access is only granted to those who are authorized to be there.

Access Control, Time and Attendance Recording: Two or More Solutions - One Credential

GANTNER offers multiple solutions for different industries when it comes to electronic security, crowd access control, electronic tickets or even cashless payments.

Our access control solutions can be incorporated into any existing or new entry solution. The GANTNER access control systems grant access according to your specifications: Public entry, staff areas or highly sensitive areas may have different requirements. While gates for customers should be able to handle a high-level throughput quickly and efficiently, high-security areas may need gate or door access control systems with further authorization proof. This can be entering a PIN code or using a fingerprint scanner. GANTNER solutions provide you with every option at scale.

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GANTNER Ticketing ermöglicht den Eintritt durch das GT7 Terminal
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Secure Door Entry and Time Recording for Employees

Gate and door access control systems and time and attendance systems operated via data carrier like ID cards provide many opportunities for growing your company’s value. Save money and avoid errors by including electronic employee time recording into your payroll-software. Measure break times via convenient terminals in real time. In addition, provide staff the convenience of paying for their lunch at the cafeteria with the same ID-card. This helps to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Entry and Timed Offers for Clients in Attraction Facilities

For customers, our online ticketing system provides on-the-go booking of any kind of tickets: timed bookings, individual or group tickets and more. After they convert their ticket for an RFID-token, door access is granted with the single swipe of a credential such as an RFID-card or a QR code. Ticketing can easily be combined with timed access for bookings. Whether you want to avoid over-booking through the use of time slots or you want to accurately measure fees to be paid at the end of the trip: Our electronically timed access makes the process effortless and cost-efficient. Individual, accurate and convenient – customer satisfaction lies in the details. So, learn more about what you can achieve with GANTNER online ticketing software and door access control systems.

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smart building access control

Access Control Made Easy – With GANTNER NFC and RFID Door Lock Systems and More

Our state-of-the-art access control systems empower you to seamlessly manage and verify access levels.

For better security: You can easily restrict access for public visitors to employee-only areas or grant individual entry to sensitive areas for authorized personnel. Access can be granted from a remote device with access control management software, controlled by management.

For hassle-free room management: Connected to an access control management software such as our Matrix software, you can give employees, students, or customers access to rooms for time restricted entry and exclusive access.

For all areas: Whether you want to use our access control system on a simple room door, a hallway fire door, in an elevator, or at a public turnstile: The GANTNER access control readers and terminals can be smoothly integrated into any company.

One Data Carrier for More Comfort for Employees

Use the GANTNER solutions however they are convenient to you: Access to smart lockers, cashless payment at vending machines or in the canteen, access to specific areas – everything with a single data carrier such as RFID cards. Employee ID cards with NFC credentials combine door access control and time and attendance in one sleek solution. To enhance security, add pin pads or fingerprint scanners to your access control system at highly sensitive areas.

Time and Attendance: Manage Employee Hours

Whether your workforce has a flexible or strict work schedule, recording working hours accurately is key. Our modern time and attendance systems are so much more than “just” time clocks. If your employees are paid by the hours they worked, recording working hours trough employee time and attendance systems facilitates payroll calculations. You can use the data of the GANTNER time and attendance systems to track overtime, frequent later-comers, or absentees.

Be the Captain of Your Ship with GANTNER Solutions

For many jobs it is essential that the whole team is on deck when the doors open. GANTNER time and attendance terminals make sure you are always informed about employee attendance. Our fully electronic system can be used with credentials such as cards or smartphones. For this, employees can simply use their credential at an electronic time clock or a secure turnstile gate with access control and an added terminal for time recording. The GANTNER recording system for personnel time attendance will provide the relevant data to HR for tracking and managing work hours. Time and attendance recording ensures a fair payroll calculation for every employee.

Create work schedules for specific periods of time and provide access to employees with our access management software. Ensure compliance with local labor laws on working time and breaks. The clear data supports scheduling and enables you to monitor employee activities like working hours, sick days, overtime or vacation days. Drive down the costs and labor of scheduling working hours and personnel placement. The secure software provides compliance with international data privacy laws.

Employees and management will benefit from the time efficient GANTNER time and attendance system: Employees can easily clock in and out via the terminal and apply for vacation days. Managers change schedules due to sick employees and grant or deny vacation days – all with the same solution that securely manages your employee attendance. In combination with our access control systems, access is only granted to authorized personnel. Streamline your HR, payroll, or security visualization with the GANTNER time and attendance systems!

Take Your Customer Journey to The Next Level

The GANTNER locking systems enable you to manage access control for doors with or without connection to a network for up to 50 000 people. Whether you want a smooth access control for a warehouse or office building full of employees, or grant time restricted access for customers to your leisure facility: GANTNER access control has the staying power you need. By using our electronic solution, you enhance security against unauthorized intruders. The smooth check-in via NFC-readers reduces errors.

Customers benefit from shorter time spent waiting in lines before they enter your facility. At the same time, less staff will be needed to help customers check in, lowering costs. Employees can spend more time on providing goods and services that benefit your company. Our sturdy credentials for access control come in many forms:

  • Wristbands
  • Key tags
  • ID-Cards
  • Tokens
  • Mobile access control through smartphones, tablets and more

With the GANTNER software for access control systems, producing new credentials and changing the status of groups or individuals is a breeze. This saves a lot of time, especially in organizations with high fluctuations of visitors like gyms, amusement parks, libraries and hospitals. At the same time, you can always be sure to have accurate, secure data carriers that protect you from potential liabilities.

­­­­­Give Customers The Luxury of Convenience

Opening hours or time-restricted package deals can be reasons to restrict the time customers or visitors spend in your facility. Connect your ticketing system with timed entry credentials to give access to visitors for their booked time. The access control system can also register access times at turnstiles, for example, to generate an accurate fee to pay when they check out.

Give your customers an easy solution for booking tickets for events, time slots for services like massages or access to an exhibition. Even day passes or premium memberships for a full year can be easily combined with our access control solutions. For customers convenience is key. When they book over your website or app, an electronic ticket with QR code on their smart device opens your GANTNER electronic access control at the appointed time. Our connected solutions integrate seamlessly into our ticketing software or your third-party ticketing solution, as well as hardware like doors or turnstiles with readers.

One data carrier, many possibilities

You want to provide a full service to your premium members? With a GANTNER credential in the form of a personalized member card or a convenient wristband, your customers gain access to your facilities while they are members. They can also book time slots for services that have restricted capacities and identify themselves using their card.

Students may get access to reading rooms and smart lockers and be able to pay their coffee in the cafeteria with the same RFID student card.

Visitors at leisure facilities may gain access for a day, pay for parking, food and drink with a handy wristband and use a fast pass to avoid lines. At the end of the day, they can pay their fee and dispose of the credential in a conveniently situated vending machine at the exit.


Introducing new technology is all about improving business and making the day more efficient, convenient and comfortable for guests and employees. With a scalable GANTNER solution the transition is effortless. Whether you want to enhance productivity, smoothen the way for customers or efficiently manage your workforce: With a GANTNER access time and attendance solution and access control systems the future is at your fingertips.

Our modular solutions, which include extensive access control and time recording systems, enable you to combine the products you need. Meanwhile, our superior integrations with our or third party software and hardware makes installation easy and cost-efficient.

Building upon our 40 years of experience providing technology solutions to some of the largest and most profitable facilities in the world, GANTNER continues to offer reliable, secure and future-proof technology solutions that fit your customers’ individual needs.

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