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GANTNER's electronic readers
Take complete control.

Access control and check-in systems

Our access control systems cut waiting times for members and day visitors, allowing them more time to enjoy the facility. From timed peak and off peak access through to 24-hour access, you control who enters and when.

Access control products guarantee you the security you need


Knowledge and control of who is in your facility when and where at all times


Speedy and efficient access control, resulting in reduced queues


Reduced staff demands, due to automation


One single, seamlessly functioning access control solution across your entire site


Convenience, one NFC credential (card, wristband, or tag) functions as a credential for everything


More accurate customer profiling for more effective marketing

Who can benefit from access control solutions?

Theme parks, water parks and attractions

sites that have a large throughput of visitors on a daily basis will gain unlimited benefits from a secure and intelligent access control system. Quickly and easily manage the check-in, exit and flow of large volumes of people, as well as on-site payments and locker usage while they are there.

Health and fitness clubs, resorts and spas

our access control systems cut waiting times for members and day visitors, allowing them more time to enjoy the facility. From timed peak and off peak access through to 24-hour access, you control who enters and when.

Libraries and educational establishments

add an extra layer of security to access with our NFC credentials which work with third party turnstiles. Prevent thefts and keep students and the public safe in areas where there is high traffic throughput.

From 24 hour doors to more complex access control systems with biometric verification, GANTNER Technologies NFC Access Control products guarantee you the security you need. Our systems have integration with the world’s largest software companies and are designed to integrate with a wide range of applications.

Gantner wristbands can be branded to your facility
Contactless wristbands for access
Contactless readers at reception


Our 24-hour door control solution enables simplified 24-hour club operations with quick and easy self check-in.


Set programming so that check-in is necessary before members can access lockers.


Gates and turnstiles can be programmed to monitor peak and off-peak memberships and ensure there are no unchecked or ineligible entries. Add one of our biometrics terminal for extra high security.


Mobile check-in possibilities based on NFC technology


Reduce the need for extra staff at reception.


Smartphones can be turned into additional point-of-sale facilities

Remote door locking solutions

Ticketing and access control systems

Improve your customer service with fast ticketing and access control systems for your park.

  • Faster processing time at the gate with mobile phones or print@home tickets
  • No waiting times at long queues to enter the park
  • Your employees can focus more on the customer thanks to an automated system
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Providing secure access around the clock

Open your gym doors for longer with a GANTNER access control system.

  • Allow your members to use your gym doors/gates without requiring someone at the front desk
  • Enjoy extended opening hours or 24/7 without any staff
  • Access control that’s fully connected to your membership system, boosting your gym’s productivity
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Are your lockers easily accessed by persons who do not work in the building?

Your employees may access to the building through bicycle parking locations via car parks, pedestrian entries, internal elevators or other access points depending on the nature of the site.

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    Access control systems for medical wellness

    GANTNER’s wealth of experience and reputation in the market will also provide peace of mind to potential medical partners who will demand the highest levels of security for data.

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      Access control system

      Full service clubs tend to have a large number of members and several tiers of membership, and so secure and intelligent member access is essential for the smooth running of the club.

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        Fingerprint identification for more security

        When the optional biometric fingerprint sensor is added to the terminal you have full verification that the person carrying the credential is indeed the person it was issued to. With GANTNER's biometric data on credential option, verification occurs within a second and identification swapping is eliminated

        • Possibility for self check-in.
        • Quick access or check-in procedures.
        • Check in is required to use a GANTNER secured locker or cashless payment device.
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        Electronic door locks

        Maximum security & flexibility, low costs, network compatibility, no wiring and easy installation with electronic door locks.

        • Possible to integrate into any access control system.
        • Retrofitting existing doors with ease – no complicated cabling.
        • Wireless connection between the controller and the cylinders.
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        Global player - market leader

        For more than 35 years, GANTNER has been the market and technology leader in contactless RFID access control, electronic locking and cashless payment applications for the global leisure industry.

        • Open for 3rd party software.
        • Global partner network.
        • More than 35 years experience in the market with international clubs.
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        Contactless technology

        GANTNER uses the latest RFID technology, so visitors simply swipe a waterproof wristband, card or smart phone to access anything from lockers to vending machines and POS terminals.

        • You can easily reset the credential in case of loss
        • One waterproof credential for access, locker and cashless payment systems
        • Customizable design of cards or wristbands with your brand
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        High security, efficient access control systems for leisure

        Offer guests easy and safe check-in with GANTNER's access control for leisure facilities

        From door access control systems to contactless turnstiles and ISO biometric readers, GANTNER has access control and check-in systems for all kinds of leisure facility. Our hardware and software make visitor management through all your entry systems highly secure and efficient.

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