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RFID Terminal Karte für Drehkreuzu Zugangskontrolle

Access control software: Manage permissions for your facilities more easily than ever

  • With the GAT Matrix access control software from GANTNER, you can manage access to your property from anywhere
  • Customized management software with extensive configuration options
  • Easily manage authorization with numerous interfaces for a wide range of access control readers and terminals

Advanced Software for Your Access Control System

An electronic access control system protects areas of a building or facility from unauthorized access. There are three central elements for identification and authentication: Access control terminals and readers, data carriers (e.g. RFID card or key tag), and the central access control software. The smooth interaction of hardware and software is crucial to ensure that you have full control over access at all times.

GAT Matrix, GANTNER’s high-end access control software, offers numerous features to simplify the centralized management of your access control system. Especially for large companies and public facilities, the centralized system ensures maximum security as well as efficient operations. Furthermore, GANTNER‘s commitment to security extends beyond the software’s capabilities, as our system proudly holds an ISO 27001 certification, a testament to our dedication to safeguarding your data and access protocols.

Access Control Reader
RFID Terminal Karte für Drehkreuzu Zugangskontrolle

Combine individual RFID data carriers, such as smart cards, key fobs, or wristbands with RFID technology with our access control software to grant or block appropriate access rights for a large number of people very quickly.

By assigning individual user IDs, you can also control the access of individuals and track them at all terminal and reader locations in the company. Through this, you gain the ability to monitor all people who work at or visit your facilities from the moment they enter the building. Furthermore, unauthorized intrusion into sensitive areas is not possible with a GANTNER system solution.

smart building access control

Features of Our Software Solution

  • Locking plan matrix display for transparent management of access authorizations
  • Optimized organization of persons and doors via clustering
  • Authorization inheritance for a group of doors or people
  • Privacy-compliant recording of transaction data including automatic deletion function and evaluation of all bookings via comprehensive filter and sorting functions
  • Creation of schedules that specify precise time windows and authorization criteria (e.g., PIN code, fingerprint, or badge required) – valid for all weekdays and customizable types of special days
  • Site-specific special day calendars with automatic calculation of holidays, personalized staff calendars and door schedules for all doors
  • Work with our software on Windows, Mac and Linux machines in your network
  • Effortless integration into existing IT infrastructure (e.g. Active Directory) and easy data migration via user-friendly interfaces (e.g. for SAP, SALTO and other local or cloud based systems)
  • Software connectivity to GAT ACE 3000 and 7000 as well as to ProAccess Space from SALTO
  • Extension options for multi-client capability, door control, SAP interface and more
  • Multi-language support for international teams (German and English)

Benefits of Our Access Control Management Software


Centrally manage all access control systems via one software solution.


Maintain control over existing permissions at all times and grant your staff access to selected areas with just a few clicks.


Protect sensitive areas of your company by granting access authorization only to authorize people or teams.


Access control software and terminal communicate via individually configured interfaces. Smooth processes are guaranteed.


RFID transponders, cards or smartphones allow employees and visitors to identify themselves and gain direct access to their authorized areas.


Newly added team members and temporary visitors automatically receive appropriate verification. Minimum effort, maximum control.

Combine Access Control System Management with Time & Attendance, Smart Locker Systems, and More

In addition to access control for your businesses, GANTNER’s software solutions also provide additional functions. Our solutions are compatible with each other and can be combined. For example, control the following solutions conveniently from one central application:

Digitale Zeiterfassung mittel dem abgebildeten Terminals von GANTNER

Your staff and visitors will benefit from excellent customer experience – thanks to the seamless integration of all relevant technologies while your hardware and software solutions operate reliably in the background.

Highest security is guaranteed – for access control as well as for employee and visitor management. Our security professionals will be pleased to inform you which solutions are best suited to your needs and on-site requirements.

If required, our experts can provide comprehensive support on how to integrate our cutting-edge technologies most smoothly in your company. Following this, we can also make you an offer for the maintenance and support of your operating systems (hardware and software).

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Gerhard Pichler

CSO - Chief Sales Officer

Tel. +43 5552 33944
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Project planning and support by our specialists

From the planning phase to live operation, GANTNER’s security professionals are at your side at all times. Together with you, we determine your individual needs and tailor the access control software exactly to your requirements. In advance, we inform you about the necessary requirements for the operation of the software and the GANTNER security systems. During planning, we consider existing door locking systems, the number of access points required, authorizations for software access as well as extensions, systems and procedures currently in use. We also work with you to determine the current and required number of people, groups, and online and offline doors.

Once all prerequisites have been met and all requirements have been clarified, we develop the appropriate interfaces for smooth integration of the GANTNER access control software into the existing IT environment and provide them together with our software solution. Subsequently, we take care of the data export and import and assist you in defining individual authorizations. Before the go live, our experts will train you and your team in how to use the access control software and will – if desired – link access control, time recording, smart locker systems, ticketing management, or other organizational software. We will gladly advise you on the appropriate solutions for your individual company or facility access control systems. For leisure facilities, museums, zoos, and attraction parks, we offer software solutions for ticket sales and expenses via an online ticketing system respectively an access control for leisure facilities in addition to our versatile access control software. Feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry!