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Elektronische, batteriebetriebene Schließfächer

Battery-operated locks

Our Battery-operated locks are easy to retrofit and install: The smart lock’s fastening screws are identical to the dimensions of mechanical or coin locks used in most cabinet doors. Our smart locks are easy to use: A clear, audible feedback is provided for locking and unlocking events. Benefit from a long battery life: Low power technology enables a service life of up to 10 years.

  • Easy to retrofit existing lockers
  • Operatable with credential, smartphone app and PIN
  • Locker management software through wireless radio connection

Easily Retrofit a Smart Lock in Your Lockers

Are you looking for a smart system for your lockers or do you simply want to retrofit existing lockers or cabinets with an electronic locking system? Battery-operated locks for lockers from GANTNER are the ideal solution for small to medium-sized facilities that want to benefit from a secure, easily retrofitted smart lock. It is operated using an RFID data carrier or PIN code. There is also the option of app-based operation of the locks via smartphone. If desired, the service can be integrated into a customer-specific app, such as a workplace or campus app.

Why Choose a Battery-Operated Electronic Lock?

Locker systems in gyms, libraries, or public buildings are in daily use. Mechanical locks suffer from improper handling, keys get lost and the management of locker occupancy is often chaotic. When it’s time for a new lock, those responsible are increasingly opting for a future-proof, electronic solution. Especially battery-operated locks for electronic lockers can be retrofitted directly into your existing doors with little effort and without additional wiring.

The locker systems with batteries enable effective locker management without old-fashioned keys and the associated administrative effort. Through a radio connection, you can simply connect your system to the management software of the eLoxx Suite so you always have an overview of your lockers. Learn more about our offer.

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Battery Lock GL7p by GANTNER being locked with a chip
Elektronische, batteriebetriebene Schließfächer

The GANTNER Basic Battery Lock – Easy to Retrofit

GAT ECO.Lock is our entry-level battery-operated lock, making it an affordable solution for small to mid-size locker rooms. Convenient and secure organization of the battery-operated locks is ensured by the transmission of the current status information (battery status, alarms, etc.) via radio to a central management software of our eLoxx Suite. Always on the go? With our MoLA app, you can easily configure the electronic locks via smartphone.

Workers, guests, or students simply press an NFC credential to the reader field to gain access to a locker or close the door. Users can quickly see via the lock’s button position if a locker is free or in use. It’s also easy and affordable to retrofit, as fastening screws are identical to the dimensions of most card or coin locks. This makes our retrofitted smart lock a green and sustainable solution for your company or facility: Using existing lockers save resources and reduces the environmental footprint the production of new lockers would cost. The low power needed for the batteries to work makes this electronic lock a long-lasting, green solution.

Wristbands can be branded

Elegant and Secure: Our Advanced Battery Lock

Our GAT ECO.Side Lock is the world’s first battery-operated lock to include up to a 10-year battery life, alarm function, and complete in-locker mounting. With no external door parts, the lock is vandal-proof and does not intrude on the clean line aesthetics of many modern interior designs.

The GAT ECO.Side Lock can be locked and unlocked securely by simply holding a data carrier such as an RFID card, key tag, or smartphone, to the lock’s sleek reading field on the door. Operaters manage the battery-powered electronic lock by using a locker management software of the eLoxx Suite. For users an NFC credential, such as an employee or visitor badge card, is all that is needed to access their valuables in the locker.

Our Award-Winning Lock: The GL7p

The GL7p is an award-winning, battery-operated lock for cabinets and lockers of all kinds — avaiable with or without PIN pad. You can effortlessly retrofit this smart lock — even in single-wall metal doors. Save costs and increase safety at the same time: The lock can be operated by an RFID data carrier and/or PIN code. A data carrier makes it easy for users to identify themselves with their smartphone or personalized ID card. An additional PIN pad is recommended for lockers that require special security. Depending on the configuration, the lock can also be operated with just a personal PIN code. By entering a numeric code, the user verifies the authorization to unlock the door. The electronic lock includes a reliable mechanical locking motor, like a small deadbolt, for even more security at all times.

Battery Lock GL7p by GANTNER being locked with a chip

MoLA – Mobile Locker Administration

MoLA is your configuration app for the effortless, mobile management of battery-operated locks for cabinets and lockers from GANTNER. It is an NFC-based app for Android phones that provides the simplest and most convenient configuration options for the GAT ECO battery lock series. Authorized persons can make changes to these lock settings via smartphone without having to carry an additional notebook. They only connect their work smartphone to the locks via the app. This saves time and reduces costs: Most of all, it minimizes the effort for technicians enormously. Some tasks can also be performed when the lockers are locked. MoLA offers local administrators a new, convenient, and easy way to control configurations or read bookings while benefiting from high-quality security.

  • Configure the lockers as you need them
  • Check your settings at any time and adjust them
  • Check the frequency and duration of use

The app is available in your App Store (Android).

App-Store MoLa Brochure

Smarte Schrankschließsysteme in flexiblen Arbeitswelten

Benefits of Battery-Operated Locks


Battey-operated lockers can be locked or opened via smartphone using the ECO LockPal app. Depending on auhtoriziation, Users freely select a locker or operate their personal locker.


Important status information (battery stuts, alarms, capacity utilizaiton, etc.) is transmitted via radio to a locker management software of the eLoxx Suite for central access. This ensures a full overview at all times.


No mechanical key to lose or break. No padlocks to carry around or leave at home. Both users and operaters benefit from reliable simplicity.


Electronic locks are not subject to the same wear and tear and breakage potential of mechanical locks, ensuring your investment lasts much longer.


All openings and closing are recorded: Easily check who has opened which locker and when. For additional security at larger sites, some of our systems come with built-in alarms.


Management can add, modify or cancel locker access priviliges in seconds if a card has been reported lost or stolen — even when they are on the go.


Use ressources efficiently by installing a maintenance-free GANTNER battery-operated electronic locking system and invest these staff and financial resources into other areas of your enterprise.


Operators can easily replace lost credentials. If a user forgets which locker they use, information terminals will display the used locker number, requiring no attendance time from staff.

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GANTNER: Retrofit Smart Locks, Benefit from Cashless Pay and more

Our battery-operated locks are easy to fit and use the latest NFC card technology for efficient locker access control. Cost efficient to retrofit into existing locker and changing rooms, our battery-operated locks can be opened with a club card, staff ID card, wristband, key fob or other designated credential. GANTNER provides smart locks for lockers and smart parcel lockers, access control systems, cashless payment solutions and more at the highest industry standard. Our international network secures availability of high quality instalation and maintenance for all our customers across the globe. Get in touch with a GANTNER representative near you to learn more about our services!