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POS Systems & Cashless Payment guarantee increased revenue through spontaneous purchases

Increase your revenue through greater ease of spending: With modern POS systems and cashless payment solutions from GANTNER, you will improve the experience for customers and employees. Combine full transparency on every transaction with high security: Cashless payment with RFID technology drastically reduces theft and human errors in handling money.

The Right Solution for Your Business: Our Cashless POS systems

Retail has become a fast business: Customers want to make their purchase as quick and easy as possible. Moreover, the handling of electronic wallets on mobile phones, smart watches, via apps or with credit cards evolved in the past years. Today, almost five out of six payments are made cash-free.

Give your customers no time to re-think the purchase and speed up the transaction with modern POS systems and cashless payment! GANTNER offers a wide range of POS machines (readers and terminals), which are adjustable to the needs of your company or facility. Discover our convenient point of sales terminals for a cashless transaction made by customers. Provide your employees with a modern, mobile POS station or save on staff resources with self-service devices and vending machines. Our range includes systems such as:

  • Mobile card readers: With the on-table reader, you have the ability to authorize, manage and accept payments or access requests by guests or employees!
  • Ticket dispenser: Fully integrated into your networks. For example in canteens, you can speed up self-service ticketing with dispensing machines and in combination with your online ticket shop!
  • NFC terminals: Let your guests benefit from the seamless experience provided by modern terminals for cashless pay with RFID/NFC devices such as cards, wristbands and more!
  • RFID reader at vending machines: Give your customers and members the ability to use their smart (membership) card to purchase items from vending machines 24/7!

Even though a classic POS is a system for making sales in person, our solutions offer retail opportunites without the need of extra staff due to cashless payment options – 24/7. Choose a POS system with cashless payment by GANTNER to boost impulse purchases while greatly reducing your administration costs! Want to learn more? Contact us!


For faster sales: GANTNER Cashless Payment Systems take just a few seconds


seconds for RFID transactions


seconds for mag stripe transaction


seconds for cash transaction

The Benefits of Going Cashless

The modern POS system enables any kind of company, fitness clubs, restaurants, hospitality, attraction or etc. facilities, as well as their associated shops and restaurants, corporate canteens and vending machines to offer cashless payments to their customers and staff, e.g. in corporate canteens. Going cashless with GANTNER gives you a variety of benefits, starting with time management: An RFID transaction only takes around 12.5 seconds. Shorter queues on points of sales save time and can increase the revenue: Guests love the convenience of using their smart card, wristband, fob or even their smart phones to make additional purchases.

Improving POS machines and the use of cash free payment options have a huge impact on security. Cashless RFID technology reduces the risk of money loss, errors in handling by staff members or theft. Allow visitors to use a single credential such as a club card, membership card or employee ID card to make cashless payments at the POS stations around your facility. These contactless payment systems make the customer journey enjoyable and efficient.

Combining GANTNER’s RFID/NFC credentials with our solutions for door access control systems as well as electronic locks for all kinds of lockers and cabinets, you have full transparency over the transactions of your customers. Know your clients and their habits – and their favorite products. Take your sales strategy a step further: Use the data for customized marketing and special sales, so you can provide the best customer experience!

A POS machine and system automatically processes payments and streamlines your operations so you can keep an overview of your inventory management. Track inventory, locations and other products to optimize internal processes like stocking, staff attendance and location bookings. Make your clients’ stay as well as purchases memorable and enjoyable.

Overview of the advantages of our POS solutions


Reduced queuing times at all point-of-sale stations


Increased revenue, resulting from ease of spending


Reduced employee and money-handling demands, due to automation


A RFID/NFC platform for additional applications (access control, electronic lockers and more)


More accurate customer profiling for more effective marketing


Reduce the risk of money handling mistakes by staff, as well as customer queries over the wrong change


Have traceable electronic records of every transaction


Eliminate opportunities for the theft of credit cards and cash, as customers can either leave these at home or store them safely in one of our secure lockers

Why should you go cashless?

Operating a fitness or sports club, a leisure facility or a canteen for employees demands a range of management and administration. From ensuring sufficient capacity for a location booking, keeping vending machines fully stocked, and avoiding staff shortages during peak periods – a POS system frees up more time to ensure all operations and processes are working while your customers are using them cashless. For example, with our modern NFC terminals and readers your visitors gain access to sunbeds, sauna areas, self-service stations or other amenities.

But which industries benefit particularly from a cashless payment system? Our references show: GANTNER’s cashless payment systems can work in any type of industry and organisation. As our RFID/NFC credentials are waterproof and sweat resistent they can be used by clients or staff members of the following industries:

  • commercial
  • health and fitness clubs
  • leisure centres
  • water parks
  • health care

Of course, cashless payments can be used on your POS machines in student facilities or major corporations as well! Brand any of our credentials for cashless sales with your own company logos and colors and show your customers, club members or employees a strong corporate identity!

Already have a POS system installed? Then connect our multiple credentials for cashless payment with your POS machines and keep track of all transactions at all times with the mobile POS software by GANTNER!

Our software and wide range of credentials such as smart cards, wristbands, fobs or mobile solutions can be connected easily with your current operating systems – combine quick money-free payment with other processes like:

Not sure how to connect our contactless products for cashless services to your POS systems? Contact us to get an individual estimation for including GANTNER into your leisure facility, learning institution or company!

Interested? Contact us!

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GANTNER – your partner for POS systems and cashless payment

Being all about improving your business and the customer experience GANTNER is offering a wide range of new technology. Make transactions on your POS system effortless with the GANTNER solutions for cashless payment. Whether you want to smoothen your operations by taking away the need for staff to handle or process cash, reduce your administration costs or enhance your secondary spending revenues: With products by GANTNER you can save time, costs and other resources – for you, your staff and your customers!

Our products for cashless payment use the newest RFID and NFC technology and are usable with third party POS machines and software. Combine the credentials with our other modular solutions to make using your facility hassle-free for all!

With extensive experience providing technology solutions to some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world, GANTNER continues to offer reliable, secure and future-proof technology systems that fit customers’ individual needs. Contact us and learn more about our custom features and how to manage the integration of POS systems and cashless payments!